Natalie Fuinha Becker (nataliebecker) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Natalie Fuinha Becker

Question about shipping

Hey everyone!

I ran into an issue with a seller, they said they are having trouble shipping anything other than paper documents internationally from Germany. Anyone know what that's about? Or a solution/workaround? Would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Hope everyone's New Year is starting off well.

- Natalie

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Sounds strange to me... I have bought a lot of stuff from Germany on eBay. At least they can use DHL which does ship internationally. I know it may be really expensive to ship internationally
Yeah, did you already pay? If they can't ship it then simply request a refund


January 3 2019, 00:16:03 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  January 3 2019, 02:38:59 UTC

okay the seller is right, since 1.1.2019 private seller can't send any wares in a letter anymore, only documents. We have to use a parcel which is quite expensive. salesman aren't as hindered as private people. wtf german post has made it nearly impossible for private sellers to ship anywhere now.
Yeah this seems to be the case. She's going to ship to a friend of mine in Germany, and he and I will figure out getting the stuff to me over in the US somehow. Thanks for confirming that this is a thing!
yeah i was quite shocked, when someone om ebay wrote to me about it and i saw it on the website from the german post i have a zukan on ebay that i wanted to sell international and have bids on it already. have notified all bidders and made a note under the auction discription about it.

That is crazy and really sad actually. How much does a parcel cost from Germany? I don't even do any sales because Finnish Post costs way too much. One parcel would be like 30 euros to US, UK and to even Germany. So it does not seem to even matter if it's in the EU or very far away.


January 3 2019, 20:14:10 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  January 3 2019, 20:25:11 UTC

depending where you send, to finnland a 2kg parcel with dhl without tracking/insurane would be 8.89 euro with tracking/insurance till 50 euro would be 11.39 euro, when you up it till 500 euro insurance 13.99. That would be most eu, but outside the eu it starts at 15.89 non-tracking/insurance and with tracking/ insurance till 50 euro (and there seems to be no upgrade for that anymore) it would be 19.89 euro.

so the next parcel till 5kg comes with tracking/insurance till 500 euro for eu that would be 15.99 euro, but someone in the us would be paying 36.99 for the same service and it only gets worse after that.

With hermes you can only send parcel inside europe and they go with measurement of the parcel and not weight. the cheapest option there would be 10.79 when the longest asnd shortest side of the parcel go not over 30cm. And any other comapany you can use are 30 euro + for there service.

And when you buy something international that was shipped to you in a bubble mailer and you want to return it, you will have to send it as parcel back.

This change was made sometime 2016 with the world postunion and now they are implement iz completly. before they sorted the mail in documents and goods, but now they won't do that anymore.


January 7 2019, 13:02:16 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  January 7 2019, 14:05:46 UTC

i hope you find a way then.