Recent gets

It has been a while since I made a gets post. I'll be arranging them from least to most recent. Big photos are under the cut.

First up, is the Re-Ment Micro USB Cable Keepers. I pre-ordered the box, because I wanted Mareep. I'm thrilled with it and I have it on my cable now. I gave the rest away as gifts or sold them.

I don't remember getting this in my last package. These must be the AmiAmi mascots.
I love the packaging! It's just so vibrant and colorful.
It fits securely, so I don't have to worry about it falling off. The plastic is also more flexible than I thought it would be.

Next up, is the Loungefly Duffel Bag. I got it to use as a gym bag and it works great. I don't think the stock photos on Think Geek do it justice. I couldn't tell online, but when I got it, I found out there are a bunch of inner pockets. They're really useful for storing my eyeglasses and lock.

And after that, I've got a bunch of things I got from Mikitzune. They're the Team Rocket plush, MPC Mimikyu, Dratini, and Cubone, a Pikachu Mega Evolution Poncho Wall Hanger, and the Re-Ment Desk Figure Set.

Jessie's concave face is the stuff of nightmares, but James and Meowth are adorable. I love them all.
I like that they have a good amount of detail on the back.
This Litten sticker is just too cute.

This is the Team Treat Ampharos Charm. I got it from Gaarasyami. I used it to decorate my phone during October.

The cute packaging gets me every time.

This is the Re-Ment Mareep and Pikachu Terrarium. I got it from Kuro_Kage_Kun. I love the packaging on it. I actually would like to paint my room to match it. I'm really glad the toy was easy to assemble too. I'll have to take more photos of it all put together.

Last, are the WCT Mimikyu plush and PTCG Pokeballs. I bought the plush at work and the Pokeballs were a Christmas gift.


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