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2018 Gets + Collection Update!!

Hey!! It's been quite a while since my last collection update (a little more than a year and a half I think...;;) so without further ado, here is a giant summary of all the merch I have gotten in the past year! :D

Here's a sneak peek! Also this post is image heavy!!

So here's the overview! After laying everything out for pictures I realized I accumulated way more stuff than I thought! xD

Starting on the left side we have the smiling blob ghosts! I got the old hasbro, new pokedoll, and foam squishy off ebay. The Japanese 2007 pokedoll I got from Y!J, and the bootleg clear TOMY I've had since I was a kid. Everything else I got from the wonderful comm :D we also got Totoro in the back like a creep.

Next up we have the Totodile section! I got a couple of really exciting things, as well as two holy grails! I was really lucky and managed to find the 1/1 Totodile still with the hangtag for a steal on Y!J. He's by far my favorite plush in my collection and I'm so excited to own this pudgy happy cutie! The other grail I managed to obtain is the alternate pose Totodile TOMY from the Pokemon Heroes movie set. His pose is really cheerful!

In the next section we have the Larvitar line and the lumpy fairy birbs. I also got two other grails here as well! The movie TOMY versions of Tyranitar and Larvitar. I just love Larvitar's pose. Also a big thank you to kitzune for picking up the Banpresto Tyranitar for me! I love him! I didn't get much of the Togepi line, but my favorite is definitely the pokedoll. <3

IMG_20181221_123120.jpg IMG_20181221_123120.jpg

So much stuff! My favorites are probably: the shiny amigurumi Eevee custom made by shurari, custom knitted Eevee my boyfriend's mom made, fuzzy Eevee figure, and the Eevee sleeping cushion! I also love the pose of the Sylveon that came with the Serena G.E.M figure but I'm not sure how to display it because I didn't end up keeping Serena or the base...

Some Umbreons and very happy Woopers and Quagsires! I was really excited for the Karen and Umbreon can badge. Karen has been my favorite elite four member since I was a kid :D I also posed my Wooper Tomy plush with my very cute and amazing Christmas card from evilashi <3 Thanks again!!

Some gorgeous Japanese guidebooks for Gold, Silver, and Crystal! While I grew up with Pokemon Blue as my first game, Crystal really sparked my love for Pokemon. The colorful designs, music, the post game, and the option to play as a girl really sucked me into the franchise! So I knew I had to own these books, as they bring me back to that nostalgic feeling of traveling through Johto for the first time :D

This book has a lot of 2000s merch in it! Including advertisements for the giants as well as a small article on the Pokemon Pikachu mini c:

One book came with a really nice mini poster of Johto! I just love the artwork <3

This book was more of a pokedex styled encyclopedia for just Gold and Silver I believe. It was a full Pokedex with the in game sprites as well as one with full art! The cover on this one was my favorite!


Also my birthday happened after I took all these so I had to take this quick picture! My boyfriend gave me the shiny Olyfactory Sylveon plush! For a bootleg, it's actually very cute and pretty well made! I bought myself Silver in the box and lastly I got one of my grails from my awesome mom- Pokemon Crystal complete in the box! :D

Lastly, here's an overview of my setup! I'm still working on how I want all my figures to be displayed. Feel free to laugh at my tiny TV! :P

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a great start to your new year!!!
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