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Collection Update: Part 1

Lotsa stuff I picked up in the past few months! I'll need to cut this into two parts, because last time I maxed out my pics I could upload >_> Keeping it under 100 this time, but lots to browse through!

DLC codes that I've been kinda collecting.


Found this Auldey Tomy at Half-Oruce still sealed! Never got one, so figured I should pick up a Lapras finally.

Continuing my pins and Legendary Pins collection.

Mewtwo sculpt is amazing, but to be expected from GSC!

More pins and lanyard.

Since sites like PokeShopper stopped updating, I didn't even know that this was announced until the very last minute :x

Target pickups

The one blister I never did pickup, and regretted it because it was apparently a Target exclusive with NONE available online, period. So, bought the pin separately on eBay...

These were exclusive to Gamestop employees by doing training sessions, and to customers on a few stores that held events. I think these were the only 2 pins for it made though, anyone know? They were off eBay and I never saw any others.

Regret not getting it last year on clearance, since the value stayed steady. Waited for an eBay coupon and cheaper price to get it.

Another DLC code card.

More pins n lanyard.

Pikachu and Eevee swapped skins :p

Another DLC card.

The promo card from the Target exclusive blister I regret not getting.

UltraPro Snorlax binder. I love the quality of these!

Was missing this and a 3rd party seller on Amazon had some cheap liquidated ones.

Single packs from Target.

These were all starting to get pricey/harder to find, so I just got them off PokeCen since they were still all there.

Binder order on PokeCen.

Another BaB plush I didn't even know was already out >_>

The last DLC card of 2018! After doing mythological Pokemon and then the next year with legendaries, I wonder if they will keep using this card format?

I impulse bought this on release at Gamestop. Was on sale and had a coupon... then found out the two don't stack -_- Oh well, win some, lose some :/

Ok THIS TIME I made sure to pick up the Target exclusive box right away! Still need to get the actual one, but I'm waiting on it.

Always nice when I find Gamestop selling pins I never got^^ Used a coupon on these too.

Pokemon Fit!!! Err Sitting Cuties!!! Are they ever cute and soft!!! Time to finally get more niche ones that barely ever got plush (or at least, good looking ones :p) The Sandsrew I'm having second thoughts on... Not a big fan of the plush like I had thought...

I at least made sure to buy this one right away, and yet it went back in stock too (unlike the birthday card...)


Upgraded my switch for the Let's Go version :)

My Let's Go Pikachu budnle came in, but had to wait on my Eevee bundle to arrive. (Also had to exchange it because it was damaged upon shipment...)

More pin/lanyards from PokeCen

Finally my Eevee shows up! Still haven't had a chance to start it up yet >_>

Stray pin from my last PokeCen order that shipped separately.

Double-sided Let's Go poster from Gamestop.

My Let's Go guide (and reportedly the last Pokemon that will ever be released?)

Megahouse GEM Satoshi and Pikas! Packaging is... interesting (and small for a GEM :p) but not many other ways of doing it for the figure's shape.

After finding copies that either way too damaged or too expensive in game stores, I finally found one (and with another coupon!) on eBay that was excellent. Too bad the box is to thick to fit in one of those Game Boy plastic protective cases :/

Same thing that I've done the past couple years, and just buying the McDonald sets as a complete lot. Used a coupon on this too, but it sure beats going in person and hoping to get the right cards! Not a fan of the toys...

Aaaand that wraps up part 1! Part 2 will feature Black Friday and Beyond :p See ya then and hope you enjoyed looking!!!!

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