DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Skitty Collection Site

After being up since 5:30am this morning and it now being 8:15pm, I have officially completely updated my Skitty Collection on my collection site. Only 1 collection down of about 20 T-T Any, PLEASE go take a look and oogle at my Skitty. It was a lot of hard work. Plus, if you're a skitty collector they're really good photos for a wants list!

Click either the photo or HERE to be transported :)

Shamless Skitty wants
Clear Kid
CharaChara Bubbles
Skitty Mascot Plush
Skity Mascot Keychain Plush
Reversible Skitty Tomy Plush
Tags: collection update, skitty
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That’s nice!
I like the colours.
Thank you! Now I have to just do this for a million more collections 😭
Oof- I only have one cabinet and that’s stressful enough.
Still, nicer problems to have!
Hahaha I have a whole bedroom T-T I have an obsession apparently because right next door I have my Legend of Zelda bedroom
I’m a Zelda fanatic too!
Have you tried the Tingle game that was translated last year?
I have not, I’m pretty obsessive with the Pokémon games and shiny hunting so Zelda games I kind of 100% them and put them down and very rarely replay them. I replayed LoZ, Zelda II and LttP over the summer though. I’m working on Link’s Awakening but it’s kind of on the back burner as I just have been in the mood to shiny hunt in let’s go
Well I highly recommend it-
it’s charming, hilarious and great fun.
Also, if you haven’t, try ‘For the Frog the Bell Tolls’.
Marvellous: Another Treasure Island is pretty good too,
a bit of a shallow experience compared to those two though.
Wow your Skitty collection is amazing! :D So is your collection site! The pictures on your Skitty page are so wonderful, definitely worth the hard work I think. What is your photo set-up like?
Thank you so much! It took FOREVER!!!! It’s so sad to think I still have delcatty to do, even though it’s only 4 photos 😭

I use a light box for anything that will fit and the rest I just photograph on the floor of the room they’re in since it’s white carpet. I have a bigger photo box for plush but I was too lazy to get it out so I just take the photo, make the background white then if I think the subject is too dark I just edit the brightness on it.