DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Skitty Collection Site

After being up since 5:30am this morning and it now being 8:15pm, I have officially completely updated my Skitty Collection on my collection site. Only 1 collection down of about 20 T-T Any, PLEASE go take a look and oogle at my Skitty. It was a lot of hard work. Plus, if you're a skitty collector they're really good photos for a wants list!

Click either the photo or HERE to be transported :)

Shamless Skitty wants
Clear Kid
CharaChara Bubbles
Skitty Mascot Plush
Skity Mascot Keychain Plush
Reversible Skitty Tomy Plush
Tags: collection update, skitty
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That’s nice!
I like the colours.
Thank you! Now I have to just do this for a million more collections 😭
Oof- I only have one cabinet and that’s stressful enough.
Still, nicer problems to have!
Hahaha I have a whole bedroom T-T I have an obsession apparently because right next door I have my Legend of Zelda bedroom
I’m a Zelda fanatic too!
Have you tried the Tingle game that was translated last year?
I have not, I’m pretty obsessive with the Pokémon games and shiny hunting so Zelda games I kind of 100% them and put them down and very rarely replay them. I replayed LoZ, Zelda II and LttP over the summer though. I’m working on Link’s Awakening but it’s kind of on the back burner as I just have been in the mood to shiny hunt in let’s go
Well I highly recommend it-
it’s charming, hilarious and great fun.
Also, if you haven’t, try ‘For the Frog the Bell Tolls’.
Marvellous: Another Treasure Island is pretty good too,
a bit of a shallow experience compared to those two though.
what do you think of the new Link’s Awakening trailer?
I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of disappointed. I really think Link's Awakening was tons of fun, but I feel like it looks weird with the direction they took it. Look at Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee... that's a 2D game remake into 3D, why didn't they make it like that? Idk, I really want a Skyward Sword remake because the motion controls were crap in the Wii game and I feel like the new joy cons could make that game reach its actual potential. I'm glad that we got a remake... just... not a fan of the style I guess.
I’m glad someone feels like I do!
It’s so disappointing, and LA is precious to me.
I found out about it on reddit, and the comments are all wildly positive!
People keep bringing up the cold reception Wind Waker’s style got.
Wind Waker was different, but at least it wasn’t lazy!
I agree on SS also, the whole motion thing.
My brother is disabled and he was gutted that he didn’t get to play it...
It makes me feel like they're turning LoZ into a cash grab. Idk, I was just expecting more considering how much more advanced the switch is compared to the original gameboy/gameboy color, but I'm guessing this means there won't be a new title for a while.
The series has seen a lot of different art styles,
that Tingle game (I still recommend by the way), Wind Waker, Twilight Princess,
Different, but always consistent in quality.
This is just poor, mobile game tier, stick figure with a green cap on, laziness!
End of rant!
Wow your Skitty collection is amazing! :D So is your collection site! The pictures on your Skitty page are so wonderful, definitely worth the hard work I think. What is your photo set-up like?
Thank you so much! It took FOREVER!!!! It’s so sad to think I still have delcatty to do, even though it’s only 4 photos 😭

I use a light box for anything that will fit and the rest I just photograph on the floor of the room they’re in since it’s white carpet. I have a bigger photo box for plush but I was too lazy to get it out so I just take the photo, make the background white then if I think the subject is too dark I just edit the brightness on it.