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Toy Fair 2019

(Aplogizing in advance if anything looks weird I'm on mobile!)

But in case anyone forgot (because I sure did) the 2019 Toy Fair is being held in New York from Feburary 16th - 19th. Wicked Cool Toys will be there again, this time with the following stuff

(128) Action Figures
(156) Collectibles
(168) Dolls - Collectible
(169) Dolls - Fashion
(179) Games - Action & Skill
(199) Licensed Products
(219) Plush
(256) Toys (General)

Mattel will also be there (they do the Mega Construx line of Pokemon figures) but they didn't reveal what they're showing at the show.

If you need a recap of Pokemon stuff shown last year there's this post right here.

Is there something specific that you're expecting or hoping to see? Looking back at the 2018 post I forgot that a Clip n Go Stufful was supposed to be released with wave 2 but I haven't seen it nor the Meowth one.....I guess stuff got moved around (please don't pull a TOMY and cancel this one too 😂)
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January 8 2019, 16:30:17 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  January 8 2019, 16:30:26 UTC

There is also the UK London toyfair this month with Character Options appearing there, hopefully they'll allow photography as we get to view more cooler Pokemon alola merch and stuff before the Sun and Moon era is over.
Oh man this is so exciting, thanks for reminding us about the toy fair! I love seeing the sneaky pictures people take every year. I usually feel a little disappointed afterward though. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like the products they show that I want are either delayed or cancelled every time :C I hope Stufful and Meowth are released eventually ahhh!
Don't forget the Wave 2 figures with Incineroar, Tauros, Sharpedo and Gengar.
Personally hoping for more non-Alola pokemon. I liked how Tomy would release plush of older popular pokemon, not just whatever is currently being marketed by the anime.
I've only gotten the Mimikyu plush WCT has made, but I like them. I'm hoping to see ones for other gen. Pokemon too. I remember seeing a post with one at Gamestop, but I haven't seen it IRL, yet.