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2018 Collection Update!:D

Hi everyone! I hope 2019 is going well for you!

I had a crazy year, so I wasn’t able to be as active on here as I wanted. But now things have calmed down, so you’ll probably see me commenting here more often. I got a fair amount of gets last year, so let’s check them out!

First up: Christmas 2017! We were in overtime at work for a long time, so I never showed these off. The pokedolls are really cute! It’s interesting to see vaporeon’s head without the ruff around it. Glaceon’s my favorite (also my fav eeveelu), the design is very solid. Mochi rowlet is so squishy! I hung out with this guy a lot last year. I brought him to my parent’s house once and their cat chewed his tag up-_- I seem to be gravitating towards larger plush, I need to stop before I run out of room! I jumped on San-ei shaymin as soon as I saw it was going to be released. Too bad they didn’t do skymin as well. Landmin plush always look…off. They’re getting better, but they can’t seem to get the face right or make its back hedge stick out more over its head. This one isn’t perfect either, but they made a very good attempt. I’m glad they went with this kind of fur instead of the layered look other shaymin plush use. The best part are the flowers, very soft and sturdy so they don’t flop around like on other plush. The little pokeball, eevee is etched in it, was given to be by a friend. It comes with a LED stand so it looks very pretty when you turn it on.

Next up, zorua settei! pepperzark was so sweet to send these and they were packaged very carefully. I really love seeing pokemon in different poses instead of the same stock photos, it gives them so much more character! And this tricky fox definitely has a ton of it! I remembered I really liked zorua after catching one in Ultra Sun. I named him Jello and never evolved him, it was great. All my merch are named after their in-game counterparts, even multiples, so you’ll see more Jellos below haha. Do you name your mervh? Now sadly, these settei are copies made in my lame printer. The originals were lost during a tragic cleaning accident. I have these in a large scrapbook binder I got for flats now, so we can all agree I learned a very valuable lesson:-: Sooo I’m in the market for new settei again…

Most of these cuties were bought in dezchu’s GA early in the year. (Mario amiibo says hi) Those ippai figures, especially glaceon, are all so adorable! I’ll have to find sylvan at some point, as well as Kyun Chara leafeon. Special mention goes to the worlds happiest lucario on the right.

Soft friends!! Typhlosionnnn! What a surprise (and I admit random) release! Thank you gaarasyami for picking him up! He’s very soft and his grin says he’ll light anyone on fire haha. It would be nice if they made meganium too. Everyone needs a happy flower dinosaur. The other three are from arisamon and polahbear! 10th Anniversary cyndaquil is so cute, he stays with his papa instead of the other pokedolls. But man oh man, these canvas plush are one of my new favorite campaigns! They’re so small and detailed, it’s a shame they stopped making them. Emolga with its cape folded in is so adorable, I just want it to ride around on my should all day! And sleeping darumaka just makes every day extra happy :D

Fast forward many months to con season!! Lots of nice plush! (Not pictured is giant Toon Link) Now I didn’t know about the 2017 DX Banpresto eeveelus, so this was a huge surprise! Glaceon was found first at St. Louis Comic Con, which is NOT a good con. I won’t go into it, but this was one of the only non bootleg things I could find there. I’m sure I bored my friend to no end explaining how to tell bootlegs and legit stuff apart. The other three were from Anime Midwest. Of course, sylveon was sold out so I’ll need to pick her up at some point. Impressions: the eeveelus are super well made, super soft, and stand up very well. Vaporeon is just perfect! The head fins are pretty straight and the eyes are wonderful. As for the other two, I’m not sure why they stuffed their ears when they’re supposed to be flat? I wish they did the same thing they did with vaporeon. I just don’t like floppy ears. And glaceon’s head uh thing could be a little darker blue. But I’m very satisfied with them overall! I’m worried about them falling off the collection bookshelf, so they’re hanging from my curtain rods for now. San-ei greninja is great! I love all his detail and how he sits up well. He likes to have his feet dangling foff the top of the bookshelf. San-ei is another of my favorite lines, I love the softness and especially the beans. I wish they’d make more mascot sizes!

Now this Jello isn’t really lonely, I got two of them from salty_dog! I normally hate getting doubles of merch, but this one stays at home and the other is on my desk at work. I just couldn’t resist that face. And say what you will about Jakks, but this is one of the more accurate zorua plush, at least in terms of proportions. I’m not a huge fan of a lot of chibi plush styes. He’s very soft and stands up well. And look at that smile!

What’s one of my new obsessions? DX soft vinyl sofubi!! These figures are awesome and I love how they feel, even if the kyurems have scuffs. Sometimes pokemon look better as figures instead of plush to me. I like black kyurem more when it’s not so crouched. I do have their tails, but I’m not sure what happened when I tried putting them back together. Not sure if I pushed too hard or what, but the pieces to attach their tails fell inside. I can hear them rattling around if I shake them. I tried supergluing them and black kyurem’s arm, but that didn’t work. Any suggestions of what to do are appreciated!! In the meantime, I’ll be searching for more of these, mostly from the Black/White era, but if you have any hit me up!

Finally, we’ve arrived at Christmas 2018! These small fries are all so adorable!! I had to get the kuttari when the US PC had free shipping on everything. York the emolga is my new traveling buddy! I’m glad they’re continuing this series, they’re so fun to stack. Minccino is all dressed up for the musical! I might want to get the emolga and deerling from this promo. Were there any others? And omggg I’m in love with canvas victini, it can’t get any cuter!! I might need to get a second one for work.

Now remember what I said about getting more large plush? Well…

Look at them they’re so beautiful!!!! Thank you soooo much splash for this trio!! These three were on my grail list since I first saw them released back in my college days. I’m thrilled to have them and they stand proudly on my craft table in the living room. My cat is not happy one of her favorite spots is taken. The musketeers are my favorite legendaries (shaymin is a mythical pokemon), and I love everything about them. They were in one of the better movies and I really like how they had a special in-game event with keldeo. Taking keldeo to a move tutor in later games is rather lazy. These plush are very soft and I love the weight they have. Virizion’s head has a tendency to lean back since its head is heavy, but with a little positioning it can hold it steady. I’ll pick up a Resolute From keldeo at some point this year.

Grumpy gills

Virizion will never tell its secrets.

Cobalion disapproves of me when I sit on the couch.

With their mini mes.

Final thoughts for 2018: I admit, I thought we’d see more Sun/Moon stuff. I really wanted a lycanroc midday plush, but the faces are too derpy for me. I’m not a Kanto or Pokemon Go fan, so it seemed like once Let’s Go was announced they just forgot about gen 7. It was mostly gen 1 and eeveelus for much of the year. I would’ve liked to see more Alola stuff besides the starters, mimikyu, and bewear, Less common mons like toucannon, comfrey, minior, etc. And there’s still no ribombee stuff or silvally plush?? What did you think of last year’s releases? I’m curious to see what 2019 will bring. Thanks for checking everything out and have a great day!:)

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What a fun collection of stuff!

As far as suggestions for your black kyurem figure,, they recommend household goop or epoxy. You'll be able to find it at almost any hobby or hardware store. Good luck with it!
Thanks! Time for a trip to the store:)