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A bit of fluff - I cut the threads!

(A bit of a ramble but I figured I'd write some thoughts about this topic as I haven't seen anyone talk about it on here since I've been a member!)

After playing Pokemon Let's Go with the Pokeball Plus Mew (is it just me or was this a bit of a dream come true for anyone else?! I know it sucks you had to make an extra purchase to acquire Mew, but being able to play through a game with her has been amazing ^_^), I decided it was finally time to acquire my first Mew plush. It was a toss up between the Pokemon Center plush (advantage - loose tail) and the Sanei All Star plush (advantage - beanie butt). Seeing as I can't order from the US Pokemon Center (when are they going to start shipping to Canada?!) I went ahead and ordered the Sanei.

I used to collect plush when I was younger - nothing specific I just liked cute fluffy toys haha. But I had two hang ups - I don't like a) animals wearing clothes, and b) when limbs/tails are stitched in place. So when Mew arrived, I started inspecting the tail/arms to see whether it would be possible to cut the stitches to free them (I know, it feels like sacrilage to modify a collectible!) I had already decided she was going to be my only Mew plush and that she was for snuggles/smooshes, and cut her tag & hanger off.

The tail pattern is actually an S shape, so I knew it would be curled if I cut the threads, but the arms looked to be fairly normal. I cut her tail free first, and I was so happy I did. The holes are barely noticable, and now I can pose the tail however I want. Mew sits on my PC speaker and I can have her tail hanging down at the side, or hooked over her foot or ear :D I left it a few days, but I started itching to cut the arms free too. Maybe its just me but I feel like if I was picking up Mew it would definitely be under the armpits xD I actually noticed a factory defect in that theres a hole where the left arm attaches to the body, but at this point there was no returning her (honestly, I was already too attached because I'm soft like that lol) so I went ahead and cut the arm threads too.

Here are the before/after photos - I was definitely anxious about doing it, but I have to say much much prefer this plush without having her arms and limbs sewn in place! She much more closely resembles my Mew on Pokemon Let's Go ^_^

And here she is in her normal spot:

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer your plush to be sewn into their pose for displaying? Or have the stitches cut for smooshes? Have you ever modified a plush you knew you would never re-sell? Were you happy you did or did you regret it?

Thanks for reading!
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