betlv (betlv) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick gets + TCG want(s)

Hi everyone, I've made a handful of purchases and I felt like sharing. First two packages I got were done through Discord - from Eternalskyy and FairyChrissy. The latest I happened to pick up was from @jarshaarashi , and so I'll put everything (just one picture) under a tiny cut.

I also was wanting to know if anyone wanted to sell any TCG cards of Lunala and/or Dawn Wings Necrozma. Any non english cards are fine! I am hoping to stick to my budget of $12 and a little bit of change for my total (including shipping to/within United States). I just would like normal size/not jumbo cards at this time.

The main ones I'd be looking at are the Rainbow Rare Dawn Wings Necrozma GX (Ultra Prism, 161/156) and full art Lunala GX from Sun and Moon base set (141/149).
Tags: gets, tcg, wants
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