mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Unobtainable Grails

Hello friends!

Today I am offering the discusstion of unobtainable grails. Now by unobtainable, I mean Pokemon items that have 1-5 made, mainly because they were for promotional purposes, display props, etc; Not just an item that rarely pops up for sale, like certain Pokedolls or Tomy Giants. AKA if a collector owns one, it's not an unobtainable grail.

Lets check some examples under the cut!

Pokemon Live Puppets:

(Screen shots from this video)

Promo Costumes:

is that not the cutest stumpy Pichu ever

Various statues from stores, promo tours, and PokePark 2005:

Toys R Us New York City before it closed

Various Pokemon Center statues. We've all seen them.

Pokemon 10th Anniversary promo tour

The many PokePark statues

Pokemon Center NY statues

These are some examples. What is your unobtainable grail? How much would you shell out to own it? Let me know of some other examples in the comments.

Mine in the Pokemon Center New York sign. I would easily pay $3,000 plus a $500 finders fee for someone pointing me in the right direction to own its beauty. I am planning on getting a custom one made for my room since the original is probably sitting in a dump somewhere in New York :(

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