bellestarrmon wrote in pkmncollectors

ISO: Mew + Lucky Bag Split

Hello all! I'm interested in looking at some Mew stuff! Not looking to spend too much but I would like a new plush. I can also trade anything from my sales here

Also, would anyone be interested in splitting a Lucky bag? I've seen a few on Mercari JP and I'd like to get one for the large Fit Mew and other small plush I've seen. It would be a lot similar to this one, this one or this one. I would not want the majority of it, especially straps, stationary and other things. I would need the majority of it claimed since I can't drop a bunch of money on one and be stuck with a lot of stuff. Prices of them range from $70 to $120 before shipping. If anyone is interested in splitting one, let me know!


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