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February Art Commissions!

External Art Sites:

February Commission Slots:

Newest art:
Comment below if you're interested in an open slot! Commissions can be combined with my permanent sales:


Sales Permission granted by Areica on January 1, 2018
I also have 118 sales on my Etsy shop to show I have experience selling: Here!
Some things are cross listed on Ebay but my prices are lower here :)

-Community rules apply
-I will not sell to banned or non-members of the community
- I accept Paypal only
- All prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or fees.
- Please mark as "goods and services" on Paypal!
- Haggling is accepted, but most of my prices are pretty close to what I paid, so I may not agree to lower my price.
- Please use the words “committed” or “quote” in inquiries so I know whether you are committing or merely asking for a quote. Commitments get priority over quotes.
-If you commit, payment is due within 24 hours after I give you the final amount.
-If items are not paid for 24 hours after a commitment (and no communication was given), I will give negative feedback.
-If you back out of a sale you will receive negative feedback.

-I ship from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
-I ship using USPS.
-I ship domestically and internationally, but please note that international shipping is high. -Domestic shipping starts at 3 dollars for packages but can vary.
-I can give fairly specific quotes for shipping costs since I own a scale for postage. These are light so most likely it will be the cheapest USPS option within the US.
-I may use (clean) recycled materials for shipping/packing; please let me know if this will be an issue (but I reserve the right to charge more for new materials).
-I generally will go to the Post Office once a week; if I do not think I will be able to ship quickly at any given time I will let you know before you purchase.
-Please provide me your name and address in Paypal when you buy an item!
-I will notify you when I ship an item.
-Once an item has shipped it is no longer my responsibility, but I will provide receipts of shipping.

-I live in a pet-free, smoke-free home.
-I will provide feedback after each transaction!
-Ask me if you need more photos of any items, I am happy to snap some.

Custom Info
-I will reply to commission requests on a first-come-first-served basis and determine if I will take a commission starting from the first person. If I decline a request, I will go to the next person who asked and so on until my slots are filled.
-Payment is due within 24 hours after the commission is agreed upon (I will calculate shipping price beforehand).

-It is important to note that each needle felt doll or crocheted plush is unique, so I cannot guarantee it looking like one I have made before (although I will certainly try)
-I am interested in expanding my range of Pokemon, so I am more interesested inmaking ones I haven't made before!
-Ready to ship items will be shipped within one week of purchase.
-The prices mentioned are starting prices, but I may have to adjust prices if the order is especially complicated (usually this means something requiring multiple parts, especially difficult shapes, special colors, etc.)


Drawing with MARKER or WATERCOLOR, depending on the colors needed. If you have a preference let me know! Usually "Chibi Team" will be entirely marker and "Regular Team" will be a mix of marker and watercolor.
Will be drawn on paper (8.5 x 11 or slightly larger watercolor paper, unless otherwise specified for any larger teams, 5 x 7 for chibi trainer + 1 pokemon)

Style 1: "Chibi Team"
Price: Base Price = $10 (Trainer + 1 Pokemon), add 2 dollars for each additional Pokemon (or get full team + chibi trainer for $18)

Summer Pokemon.jpg
Style 2: "Nintendo Trainer Art Style" (Basically, I try to make the eyes look more like the official art).
Price: Base Price = $15 (Trainer + 1 Pokemon), add 3 dollars for each additional Pokemon (or get full team + trainer for $28)

Simple background will be included (ie blue sky, some grass, water), but may charge more for complicated background requests (ie Pokemon Center, etc.)

Style 3: "Tall Chibi Style" Just another style of mine for the human trainer, with large eyes and dot noses. Pokemon will be similar style to Style 2.
Base Price = $15 (Trainer + 1 Pokemon), add 3 dollars for each additional Pokemon (or get full team + trainer for $28)


Style X: "Choose your Style" If you like any style from my external art sites or below, let me know and we can discuss a potential commission!


Crochet:These guys are small, fit in palm of hand approximately.
Prices start at $18
I also have premade stuff available for adoption: Alolan Vulpix ($25), Shiny Cyndaquil ($15), Swablu ($15), Rowlet ($15). Shipping for these guys is $3 anywhere in the US.

Commisions come with colored drawing of the crochet design ;)


Needle Felt:
These guys are usually 1-1.5 inches tall (*CLEAR POKEBALL IN PICTURES IS THE TERRARIUM POKEBALL AND ABOUT 2 INCHES*), although recently I have learned how to make bigger ones, so we just have to talk about it to make sure I can do it/have enough materials.

Prices: start at $15 for anything with a round body and simple details (e.g. Rowlet, Poliwag, Marill, Clefairy etc.)
            start at $20 for Pokemon with head plus body +/- small limbs (e.g. Raichu, Pikachu, Squirtle, etc.)
            start at $25 for Pokemon with a head, body, and four legs (e.g. Alolan Vulpix, Bulbasaur, Eevee, etc.)
Prices will go up from the starting price for Pokemon with a lot of details/a lot of different body parts (e.g. Magikarp is more complicated than Rowlet)

I also have premade stuff available for adoption:
Poliwag ($6)
Nebby ($10)
Kyogre ($10)


Comment with any questions, and thank you for looking!
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