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Collection Update! + Custom Plush Feature <3

Hello everyone! Long time no see haha.. Since SSS is coming up I figure I should finally do a collection update! I've been meaning to do one for about a year, and though this isn't a super extensive look at my collection I really wanted to highlight the customs I've gathered over the past few years. Here's a peek at my customs and the rest is under the cut! c:

Let's start off with my main plush display – it's getting a bit crowded! I'm not super happy with the display right now because everyone's so squashed and I don't have enough raisers for everyone to be properly visible. ;o; But it makes me so happy to see all these fluffy babies every day. <3

My Noivern has her own special chair (and a few friends visiting!), I need to make some kind of pillow to strap onto the chair so her head can sit up more. :'D Snorlax has a bunch of friends to chill with too!

Okay lets get into the customs! I currently have 34 custom plush in my collection (in hindsight I forgot about the Noivern bell plush by Flag that's on the first collection image! He's hanging out with my charms on the side of the bookcase ;o; ) and it's really hard to resist buying more all the time. ;u; I adore customs, they're definitely my favourite thing to collect!

Noivern is one of my most recent custom gets, she was a birthday present from a few months ago! She was made by Renchanshop on etsy. Such an amazing plush, so huge and cuddly! I'd love to get a life sized Helioptile from her one day <3

My Sugarstitch collection! <3 After being lucky enough to receive Helioptile in the last SSS, I've gained two new friends in Ghastly and Swablu. Swablu is the most recent and I can't get over how fluffy and adorable she is! I can't wait for this little collection to grow larger over time. <3

Stacking plush from Serenity-sama (serenitysamaa) - mini plush of Ribombee, Ivysaur, Helioptile, Ponyta, Vaporeon and a small plush of Noivern! I really wanted matching plush of my favourites team and Serenity-sama's stacking plush are so perfect I had to go for it! <3 It's so hard to decide what I'd like to get next though, there are so many Pokemon that would be perfect for this style. ;u;

Okay, first group shot of different makers! Helioptile kuttari plush (awake and sleepy) by Scragster, Vaporeon and Helioptile with scarf by Kittipilla, Crobat beanie by AnubisStudios, Dratini beanie by helaenaa and Helioptile by TheBeardedSewist! So many cute babies :'D

Noibat and Milotic from Pokebox, Shiny Ponyta by YukaminaCrafts and Ribombee by Demodѐx Plush! Ribombee is the newest out of the set, her arms and legs have wire in them and are poseable. I've got her in a sassy cross legged sit right now and I'm really enjoying it haha!

Noivern by pancakelulu, Chesnaught by SlothyShroom and Yungoos by unknown artist.. I bought him second hand and I don't remember who the artist was and unfortunately I couldn't find the info again. u_u But all three are super duper cute!

The big one – all crocheted Pokes! Helioptile with bowtie by shurari, Helioptile holding Drifloon and Noivern by ebonykat.ami (princessskitty), two Cutieflies by baobaolen, Tauros by HanisCrochet, Chinchou and Helioptile by KehleeDoesThings, Bellsprout by PixeledPeach and Quilladin by another unknown artist.. So sad. u_u So many cuties!! Noivern's arms are wired and poseable and Drifloon can be removed from Helioptile as well. <3

That's it for custom plush, so many lovely artists out there!! I'm honoured to have these in my collection. <3
Onto my figure etc bookcases! First up is a very bare shelf that I hope to fill up some more! There's a Helioptile aceo card by pikabulbachu, a Helioptile 2.5D foam figure by anaildapinto, pins by Mamobot, Nekoama and cosmicbratpins and a fan made Vaporeon acrylic stand I got from a local con (artist unknown, my bad). Customs kind of spread themselves out amongst my collection, I love them all so much. :'D Also I will never get over the Bulbasaur and Chespin frame, I really wish the Pokemon Center would release more frames like this!! I wish I had a tonne more with different Pokemon to use ;o;

Next few shelves are all figures! There's a few customs hiding in there, the Helioptile Pokeball Terrarium by TheVintageRealm, there's a little Helioptile figure on the bottom right by j_ule and a few tiny ditto's by shurari. There's some bookmarks on the back that I got from my local con (I'm sorry again unknown artists, I should have paid more attention) and a little sticker sheet by bluekomadori. I also just wanted to highlight the Lively Lillie figma, she's a new addition as well! I resisted buying her so hard until one of my local shops got her in and were having a sale on figma.. Oh well! She's such a beautiful figure, and my goodness her joints are so solid haha! I only have one other figma (the Append Miku in the back there) and her joints are so incredibly loose that it's kind of hard to pose her. But Lillie is strong girl so she can handle it! <3

Next shelf is kind of my off cuts shelf that isn't really all that pretty yet. :'D I love the Dewgong Floral Cup and Froslass Night Parade figures though! I want to find a better spot for these but oh well for now. The Aipom and Helioptile on the right are LPS customs I made last year.

Back into the swing of plush!! My fit plush collection! <3 I have a Weepinbell in the mail right now as well, I should have just got him with the rest but oh well what can you do! Doduo, Dewgong and Bellsprout are my favourites of the bunch, Ponyta is unfortunately my least favourite. u_u I committed to pick ups in the first release before proper photos went up so I kind of took a leap of faith with some. Ivysaur was one of those, I really don't like the seam running across his handsome face! But the more time passes the more charming I find him so that's okay. <3 I'm just so stoked Doduo, Dodrio and Dewgong finally got plush! Are there any fit plush you bought and were disappointed with?

My TCG shelf! I have a few favourites displayed in fancy hard covers (not toploaders, I can't remember what they called these but they are magnetised at the top and are completely solid plastic), namely my shiny Ponyta from Advent of Arceus and Xerneas FA from XY base set. <3 There's also a charm by crayonchewer and a custom bookmark I got from a flats lot, so artist unknown again, sorry!

My last shelf and final collection photo! I'm so happy to finally have the Bellsprout nanoblock (and as a side note if anyone is wanting to sell their Doduo nanoblock please let me know, I want that little nugget so bad!) <3 Dratini lives here with her mum and dad, one Dragonair is official and one is a $2 knock off.. Which one is which? C;

Well that's it! Thanks so much for looking through my collection, I hope you had a good time. As always I'm hooked on customs but right now I need to curb my spending, it's so hard to resist the urge to commission people. ;u; Anywho, I hope you have a great morning/afternoon/night/etc! <3

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