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Collection Update Part 2

My second part of my update, since I can't upload too many pics at once :/

Anyhow, this continues my last couple months of gets, starting with Black Friday stuffs!

Ahhh Target on Black Friday! 50% off is the BEST time to stock up on tins I've missed for $10! I've missed out on tins a lot the past few years, since they are usually pretty easy to get (when newish...), but also low priority and budget has its restraints. So, I get everything I can when they go up that I haven't picked up yet! Been doing it for the past 3 years now and always grab a haul at a great price! ....hindsight can suck when I find out tins I passed on a few years ago, are now only available in like the $40 price range now :/ Maybe one day I'll find them cheaper....


....after the Target tin deals is another amazing time: Gamestop clearances!!! Last year I did an AMAZING haul, since PokeCen had made WAY too many boxsets in the past 2 years, and tiny Gamestops were FULL to the brim of them! Some friends at one I remember had to stick them up on the ceiling during holiday releases, because there was NO ROOM. Buying a $40 box for like $8 or whatever it was, was amazing... This year was a little different. They cut down on box sets in the past year, which is good, and the sale was B1G1 FREEEEE. On top of that, a bunch were on sale, like the $40 Espeon set was down to $20! Registers had to adjust the prices since it went weird, but went to 3 different Gamestops for these and everyone was great about helping :) It's awesome to catch up!

A friend was in Japan and messaged me when he was by a Pokemon Center. Off the top of my head, there were 2 things I wanted. I've been wanting a tissue box cover for a while and the Mareep one was a must. OMG I HAD NO IDEA HOW HUGE IT WAS!!! First off, the inside lining is padded, so you can only use the small, flat boxes for it. I thought it was a small cover with some plush on the outside, so you can't fold it up. Felt bad cause I really thought it was a small item he could take back (he did anyways!) Next, I really wanted a Switch game case and LOVED the Let's Go art on the PokeCen one! I use it all the time now. The bag too was cute, especially with the one side advertising the Fit plush.

So when the Gamestop deal started, I only made it to 3 different ones cause I had a trip coming up in the next couple days... but the sale continued so I kept looking even on my trip :x Hit up and found another 2 Gamestops that had more boxsets I didn't have. Had to unbox them before coming home to make room, and bought a little container to hold them all in (and cardboard piece to store the jump cards).

When I got back from my trip packages were waiting for me! From the community (with some cute bonus stickers), my MofuMofus (suuuuper cute!) and my latest additions to additions to my dress-up Pikachu plush (between Ponchos and Kaijus). I've bought the same Pikachu a jillion times, but the costumes are great! These even have little zippers on them!

A box from AmiAmi was also waiting! So, I'm not a huge Lillie fan, but I buy all the Nendos, Figmas, and GEM figures of Pokemon... I have 5 of her now :x They made so many... Now, Mew and Mewtwo is another fantastic GEM figure! Such dynamic posing!!!

I didn't have either the Latios or Latias sets from this, but apparently stores had NONE left in a very short period of time (I guess Dragon Majesty was popular?) Best Buy had this one clearance for a random one, and got this.

A lumpy Snorlax!! It's the Thinkgeek chair!!! Christmas gift I got, and pretty funny that he comes compressed in a sealed bag like that (he also broke the shipment box...) Sadly I can't set him up till I move, so I had to store him for now and NOT open him till then, cause he'll expand :x Pic doesn't do justice how big this thing is... Pretty sure it's a 1:4 scale of the real thing.

eBay coupon time! Now HERE'S a rare tin, complete with the promo card that it came with. I try to buy my stuff new, especially since some older cards are hard to find as is, but this was still a good buy. Some of the old, sealed tins are trying to be sold for $200+ each!!! I doubt they are even selling or that there is a HUGE collectors market for it, but scalpers from back then are trying :/

With both sets hard to find, I got the other on Amazon with some credit I had.

I was behind on some of my 4Komas, and got this with the Amazon credit too.

Started hunting on eBay for cheapie pre-release promos I was missing out on and got a few, with this one being the first that came in.

Ok, I'm already at 73 pics already so Imma stop there >_> Guess I gotta break this into a Part 3 that I'll post in a few weeks after taking some more pics! Hope you liked looking!!

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