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Recommendations for Pokemon Etsy sellers + Korean Snowglobe Sales

Hi guys! I have the awesome chance to go on a sponsored trip to the US! I'm psych! It's been such a long time since I went there. I will have a temporary mailing address there and it's finally my chance to get some merch (where shipping would normally be too expensive to do so). I was hoping to get more unique merch that I can get only in the US, like gallery figures from

Another that crossed my mind was Etsy seller with their wonderful custom pokemon merch! Can anyone give any recommendations for really neat merchandise?

And since I'll be traveling there, I was hoping if I sell some spare Korean snowglobes I bought. I have multiple pieces of all the designs. But fair warning, I will only be in US in Late May/June, so I will be only mailing then.

On that note can anyone recommend the cheapest/best delivery company to mail things within US?

As I will be mailing later in the way, I would request payment for them before the start of May. (But you must be committed.) My seller's permission is linked here. As I am cross-posting on my local platform, some items may be sold out. Price for this would be $41 excluding shipping and pp fees.

On a final note, I plan to make a sales post dedicated to items that I would normally never sell due to the bulkiness (shipping will kill it). But since I'm going to the US I can bring all these along and mail it at much cheaper rates!

The japan items include:
15th Anniversary Premium Card Set
PokeMomo Giant Snorlax
Poppilo Cup + Plush New Year Bag 2017
Darakuma FlootMat
1:1 Illie's Vulpix plush
and more!!

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