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1.27.19 Pokemon weekly merch news round up!

Weekly merch news for January 21st- 27th

Note: Upcoming February Banpresto prizes were just posted from somebody else so they will not be in this post!

Merch Announcements

New pokeball figures were announced for May

Pictures for May release!

Big pokeball (with? for? moncolle figures) for February 2nd release

2 new mini trash cans! Might be released already.

New gachapon set annoucned for May

Customizable necklaces were announced for January 25th

Vulpix coasters were announced for a limited promotion with a purchase of a parfait in certain Hokkaido parfait shops

New phone rings were announced for April

A new Mewtow figure was announced for June-July

A new puzzle was announced for February


Pokemon x Qpot accessories were announced for preorder starting February 1st

Chocolate sweets were announced as an arcade prize

New pouches and hand towels were announced for February

Toothbrushes were announced for mid February

Merchandise released this week!

Pokemon figure clip gachapon was released

New phone accessories were released

New Pokemon noodles! With new stickers I believe

New towels were released

Some banpresto prizes!

new B-side label stickers were released

2 new pikachu drawstring bags

a Pikachu acrylic keychain

3 new clear pikachu pencil cases (I think these are out? the page wouldn't load for me)

Image result for pokemon rement desk helper set lugia

Rement figure set of desk helper figures was released

Final Evolution plushies were released

New plushies were released of Eevee, Pikachu and Shaymin

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