Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Massive bug sales post!

Heyo! It's been a long time since I last posted here. I used to collect Pokémon a lot back in the day, but nowadays I have other things to focus on. So instead of my collection just sitting in boxes, I'd like for people to be able to enjoy it! I also have a huge Deoxys collection, let me know if you're looking for anything. Anyway, let's go!

★ Granted sales permission by dakajojo on 5/22/2011
★ PayPal only!
★ Currency is USD
★ Shipping worldwide from Sweden. Fairly cheap depending on how much you get.

There are so many items, and I can't really remember what everything cost me / what it's worth, so please make an offer. Will do deals for several items! Also, I can't really remember what all types of figures are called, forgive me. I'll do my best!

Pinsir: Kids x3, Tomy figure, Zukan, Suction cup figure, Soft plastic figure, green base figure, pearly blue figure, clear pink figure, Metal figures x3, blue battle dice x3, orange battle dice x1, Pokemon center pin, golden charm, pkmn center charm.

Heracross: Kid figure, Tomy figure, Zukan (broken peg but still stands), pencil topper.
Gone: Green & yellow stamps.

3 different coins.

Wurmple line kids: Scuffed shiny Beautifly, Clear Dustox, Clear Silcoon, Clear Cascoon, normal cascoon.

Dex figures. Full set!

Beautifly stamp, Dustox stamp, Green Beautifly flat, Blue cascoon thing, Cascoon dogtag, Silcoon dogtag, Dustox coins x2, PKMN center charms.

Pineco line: Pineco tomy, kid, ?figure. Forretress bootleg tomy(?), kid, suction cup figure.
Gone: Forretress kid, Pineco kid.

Pog, golden charms, metal/plastic coin thingies (Forretress one damaged or something, glue? on the inside on the plastic), pkmn center charms.

Spinarak line: Clear Ariados kid, normal Ariados kid, Ariados tomy, Spinarak tomy, Spinarak kid, Spinarak metal figure, pkmn center charms.
Gone: Ariados kid.

Combee line: Clear kid, normal kid, attack kid, tomy figure, green base connectable figures, Combee kid, pkmn center charm, really old piece of candy.

Burmy line: Kid figures, connectable Wormadam, connectable Mothim, Mothim tomy, metal coin, metal figure.

Venonat line: different color Venomoth kids, clear Venomoth kid, venonat kid, venonat attack kid, Venonat tomy, red Venonat stamp, pink Venonat stamp, green/red Venomoth figures, metal figures, green plastic Venonat, Venomoth bottlecap, pkmn center pins.
Gone: Venonat stamps, Venonat badge, Venonat metal figures, Venonat attack kid.

Ledyba line: Kid figures, Ledyba keychain, clear red Ledian, Ledyba masterball keychain, stamps, Ledyba mini figure, Ledian pencil topper, golden charms, Ledian pkmn center charm.
Gone: Ledyba kid x1, Ledian kid x1.

Nincada line: kids, clear Shedinja kid, Shedinja mighty bean, Ninjask stamp, Ninjask mighty bean, Ninjask mega blok, Ninjask ?figure, pkmn center charms, Nincada blue thingy.

Paras line: Different color Parasect kids, normal Paras kid, clear Paras kid, stamps, plastic figures, fuzzy figures, pkmn center pins, golden charm, pkmn center charms.

Scyther line: kids, attack kid, poseable figures, green base figures (one is clear), plastic figures, dex figure, Scizor pencil topper, Scyther battle dice, Scyther zukan, pkmn center charms, pkmn center pin, round Scizor thingy.
Gone: All Scyther items, Scizor kid.

Caterpie line: kids, clear Metapod kid, clear Butterfree kid, Butterfree tomy, Butterfree silver metal figure, plastic figures, metal figures, Butterfree bottlecap, Metapod pog, shiny green Metapod hard plastic figure, Butterfree pin in original packaging, evolution thingy, Metapod charm, Butterfree brooch?/keychain.

Weedle line: kids, Weedle tomy, Kakuna tomy, plastic figures, metal figures, clear Beedrill pencil topper, stamps, whole line battle dice, Kakuna charm, Beedrill charm, Weedle charm, Kakuna pog, Kakuna dogtag, evolution line thingy.

Karrablast/Shelmet lines: Kids, Escavalier tomy, metal figures, pkmn center charms, plastic coin.

Venipede/Skorupi lines: Venipede zukan set, Drapion kid, clear Drapion kid, Skorupi kid, small Drapion figure, plastic Scolipede coin, pkmn center charms.

Genesect: Poseable figure, Shiny zukan, figure with stand, kid, small figure, magnet, pkmn center charms.

Anorith line: Armaldo tomy, zukan (extra Armaldo, to repaint?) kids,Anorith pkmn center charm.

Kricketot line: Tomy figures, kids, Zukan(no Kricketot peg), metal figure, connectable figures, pkmn center charms.

Yanma line: kids, clear Yanmega kid, connectable Yanmega figure, Yanmega stamp.

Misc bois: Shuckle kid, Sewaddle kid, Burmy stamp, clear Venonat/Venomoth, Volcarona stamp, pkmn center charms.
Gone: Venonat clear, Shuckle kid.

Zukan pieces without bases/pegs. Complete Ledyba / Spinarak line zukan.

Also, sorry about the somewhat blurry nature of the photos, I took them with my phone haha.
Tags: accelgor, anorith, ariados, armaldo, beautifly, beedrill, burmy, butterfree, cascoon, caterpie, drapion, dustox, escavalier, forretress, galvantula, genesect, heracross, joltik, kakuna, karrablast, kricketot, kricketune, larvesta, ledian, ledyba, masquerain, metapod, mothim, nincada, ninjask, paras, parasect, pineco, pinsir, sales, scizor, scolipede, scyther, sewaddle, shedinja, shelmet, shuckle, silcoon, skorupi, spinarak, venipede, venomoth, venonat, volcarona, weedle, whirlipede, wormadam, wurmple, yanma, yanmega
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