Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Desperately need to get rid of these things.

Feel free to haggle

~All Pkmncollectors rules apply, pkmncollectors only

~I was granted sales permission back in 2012 by Rachelled
~Paypal only please to xleylunax@gmail.com
~Comes from dog friendly home, but she's tiny and all my plush are wrapped up or on a high shelf
~smoke free home
~I'm not responsible for any missing packages, will provide evidence of receipt and try to compensate you in some wayIF POSSIBLE
~Will hold on case by case basis
~Priority goes to whoever comits first

~I ship from the US worldwide
~My feedback is here:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/leyluna/

Pikemon time vulpix mascot mwt: $30
Tomy leafeon tto: $30
Day lycanrock JP MWT: $30
Typhlosion JP mwt: $30
Talking minccino. Can come with box, but shipping would be more : $50
Toy factory happiny mwt: $10
Tomy tepig mwt: $10
Audino canvas mwt : $15
Jakks deerlings : $15 each
2010 us mew pokedoll tag slightly bent : tbh not sure what it's worth so feel free to offer
JP tomy Espeon no tags: $10
Us musharna mwt : $12
Pokecen tepig plush mwt: $12
Toy factory pika mwt: $5
Rumble U figures : uhhh ... $12 each? Except zoroark i think hes worth more so like $15? Lucario isnt pictured oops but he is for sale
Some kind of reshiram fig i think burger king: $5

it's demo umbreon and espeon watch never used: $75

Im not positive if i got my pricing right but have at it

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Hello :)

Is the Mew Pokedoll minky or velboa material?

Velboa :)

Darn, that's what I figured 😭 I will pass. Thank you!

No problem, thanks !

I know I'll probably have to expect very high shipping costs, but do you know what Typhlosion would be shipped to Germany pressed in the tiniest possible box? :D

Hi! I'll check on shipping when i get home tomorrow ! Thanks

Any news on shipping yet?
Any news yet?
Hi, super sorry for the delay, I was away for the weekend and then found out my long term bf was cheating on me *rolls eyes* so I had to pack my things the last few days >>

We're looking at 47.17 with shipping and pp fees in a bubble mailer. If that's ok you can send payment to xleylunax@gmail.com
Hey, I'm so sorry for the super late reply!
In case it's still possible, I will take Typhlosion!

Where can I send payment to?

Surething! You can send it to xleylunax@gmail.com thanks!

Sorry I'm a dork I overlooked your address in the comment :D
Anyway, payment sent :)

Is it possible for you to write like 10$ for the item price on the package. Otherwise I have to pay import fees ;_;

Yeah i usually write like $5 haha

Got it ! Thanks ! Ill try to get it out by the end of the week

Hi there I haven't received the package yet - no worries, it can take some time and it is by no means already overdue. But since packages from the US usually don't take super long, I was just wondering, did you get some sort of tracking for the package? If yes, I'd love to know so I can check :) If not, I'll keep you updated ^^ Can you remember which item value you wrote on the package? I totally forgot to mention that anything over 21 will be marked by customs so it could be that the item is still checked by customs or sth. But this is of course not your fault at all! Just considering some theories of why it's still out there ^^

Hi there ! I wrote $5 on the package, no worries, i usually keep it under $10 when I ship international. I have a customs #


I DID ship it a tad late due to a holiday and the post being closed (presidents day) then we had a big snowstorm. Maybe that will delay it.

Let me know when it arrives, hopefully soon! :)


8 months ago