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Final Pre-Japan Sales

Sorry to be pushing sales again! Discounted things FURTHER and added some new items from my personal collection. This is truly my final attempt at sales before going abroad, so have at it!


~ Sales permission granted by allinia on 6/10/14.
~ My feedback can be found HERE.

~Shipping rates:
Flats: start at $1
Non-flats USA: Start at $4 (small plush and figures)
Non-flat International: Starts at $13.50 DO NOT COMMENT IF THIS IS NOT OKAY.

~ I have the right to refuse to sell to ANY community member that has accumulated negative feedback. I will NOT sell to individuals who are banned or disrespectful.
~ You have 24 hours to send your payment after committing. Backing out results in the item(s) being relisted and negative feedback. However, please contact me if there is a circumstance I should know about.
~ NO HOLDS UNLESS 100% COMMITTED! If you back out of a hold you will get negative feedback.
~ Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and fees.
~ Shipping is from the USA.
~ I almost always use recycled shipping materials to save money.
~ CLAIM POLICY: Please ask for a quote if you are unsure about shipping costs. However, if another member fully commits to the same item, they will receive priority. Committing to full price is priority over haggling.
~ Trades: not accepting trades at the moment.
~ FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! But don't feel insulted if I can't accept. Lowballing is disrespectful.
~ Paypal is the only method of payment I accept.
~ I ship my items through USPS (and mostly First Class or Priority).
~ Items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home.
~ I will try to ship your item between 1-5 days, but please be patient if I am in a difficult position and take longer.
~Once an item is shipped, it's out of my hands. I cannot be held responsible for USPS's issues. Ask to buy better shipping or insurance if worried.
~ I will leave feedback once our transaction is complete, meaning the buyer must leave positive feedback before I leave feedback! If something causes you to want to leave any neutral or negative feedback, PLEASE contact me first! I want to help!

Giant XL crushed velvet Piplup plush (~16 inches) - $20

1:1 JP Meowstic plush TTO - $45 each or $85 for both

Serenity Sama Rowlet Tsum Tsum Custom - $40

Kimono PC Rowlet Plush - $20

Lucky bag 2017 Rowlet with mug - $60 OBO

Rowlet Banpresto plush MWT - $15

Rowlet Retsuden stamp, unused - $5
Decidueye figure - $8
Skytree Rowlet Acrylic - $8
Snowball Rowlet Acrylic - $8
Figure strap Rowlet - $5
Rowlet with You charm - $4
Rowlet Xmas charm - $4
Halloween Rowlet Strap - $6
Rowlet Kid figure - $4

XL TOMY Fennekin plush - $15
Mystery Dungeon Charmander plush - $50 OBO

Decidueye US PC plush tag detached - $25
Dartrix US PC plush MWT - $18
Rowlet JP PC plush tag detached - $12
OR BUY ALL 3 for $45

Wartortle Sanei All Star plush MWT - $10
Espeon Pokemon Time mascot plush MWT - $15
Espeon Pokemon Time tin - $10

Custom Plush Plush Rowlet - $15
Charmander UFO - $6
JP Grass Type jigsaw puzzle MIP - $8

$4 each or free with purchases over $20

Bookmark lot - $5 or free with purchase over $20

Free with any purchase

I also have non-Pokemon merchandise too if you want to add onto your order:

Until next time,
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