Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More sales!

While the last sales post was bug oriented, here's one with some other few smaller collections, dex figures and zukan. + misc items.
Have a look! <3

★ Granted sales permission by dakajojo on 5/22/2011
★ PayPal only!
★ Currency is USD
★ Shipping worldwide from Sweden. Fairly cheap depending on how much you get. Starts at $4.
★ Prices stated do not include shipping.

Please make an offer/ask about a price on the things you're interested in, if there's no price stated!
I will sell items individually from each lot. I just put a price incase you're interested in the whole lot.

Glalie line: Hasbro figure(mouth opens & closes), clear Glalie kid, 2 different Snorunt figures, zukan (wrong base, peg broken inside of Glalie), dex(?) figures $8 ea, Snorunt mega blok, Glalie bell keychain, dog tag. Lot for $45.

Polis: Poliwrath kid, Poliwag tomy, Poliwrath tomy, smaller Poliwrath figure, stamps, rubber/plastic figures, Poliwrath pencil topper, Poliwhirl + Poliwag metal figures, Poliwhirl marble, small Poliwag figure. Lot for $35.

Tiny Poliwhirl dice.

Nosepass line: Dex figure $8, zukan(no peg for Probopass, peg broken inside)(+ bonus earlier Nosepass zukan piece), Probopass kid, Nosepass mega blok, Probopass chou get, Nosepass foam thingy, Nosepass pkmn center charm. Lot for $30.

Exploud line: Exploud attack kid, normal kid and clear kid. Loudred kid, mighty bean, dex figure without insert, chess figure, random figure, strap. Whismur mega blok. Zukan(pin broken in Loudred).

Corphish line: Crawdaunt kid, poseable hasbro figure, mighty bean, paper thing. Corphish kid, figure, metal pog thing, paper thing.
Lot for $16

Cloyster line: Cloyster stamp, kid, metal figures, plastic figures. Shellder metal figure, plastic figures. Zukan.

Hypno line: Hypno stamps, 4 different pencil toppers (1 fuzzy), mini metal figures in gold and silver. Drowzee stamp, figure and mini silver figure.

Lickitung line: Lickilicky DX kid, kid. Lickitung kids x2, tomy, various figures, golden charm.
Golem: Spinning figure(?), kid, display case figure(?), connectable base figure.
Hariyama: Kid, mighty bean.
Gothita kid, stamp. Gothorita kid.
Grimer tomy, pencil toppers.
Elgyem pkmn center charm, Beheeyem kid, pkmn center charm.

Dex figures: $8 each except Solrock, Grovyle and Pelipper which have no inserts. $4ea.
(Walrein has no peg)

Various kids: $2 ea. Clear Lombre and Metang are $5 each.

Misc figures, charms, Shellder line pencil.

Misc figures n stuff. Custom Lampent pokedoll figure by me.

D&P bug cup.

Swinub line zukan, Koffing line zukan pieces. Spare base.
Tags: baltoy, barboach, beautifly, beedrill, beheeyem, burmy, butterfree, cascoon, caterpie, charmander, chatot, chimecho, cloyster, combee, corphish, crawdaunt, dodrio, drowzee, dustox, elgyem, exploud, gastrodon, glalie, golem, gorebyss, gothita, gothorita, grimer, groudon, grovyle, gulpin, hariyama, heracross, hypno, illumise, kakuna, koffing, kricketot, kricketune, lampent, lickilicky, lickitung, lombre, loudred, lucario, machop, magcargo, mantine, medicham, metang, misdreavus, ninjask, nosepass, paras, parasect, pelipper, pichu, pikachu, piloswine, poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath, probopass, pupitar, regirock, registeel, scrafty, shedinja, shellder, shellos, shroomish, silcoon, skorupi, snorunt, solrock, spinda, swinub, taillow, torterra, tropius, uxie, vespiquen, vigoroth, wailmer, walrein, weedle, weezing, whiscash, whismur, wormadam, wurmple, yanmega
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