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2.3.19 Weekly Merch News round up!

News round up for January 28th- February 3rd

New Kalos kid figures already have been discussed so they will not be in this post!

First off, I forgot to put in last weeks post that the Eevee Tamagotchi were released! They were sold online only and were sold out in less than 20 minutes

Image result for eevee tamagotchi

New pan stickers were released and/or announced

On February 4th, a Solar Mimikyu will be released

On March 5th, Pikachu cutlery will be released

In May, new egg pot
figures will be released

In May, new Meltran figures will be released

A new image for kid figures releasing in April was released

Clocks and pouches of Piakchu and Eevee were announced for May

A new laser/projection light was announced for February

New candy get collection figure image was released (out February 18th)

A USB fan was announced for March

New Moncolle figures of Magnearna and Arceus were announced for March

A moncolle figure of Meltan was announced for March 30th

A plush was announced of Meltan for March 21st

A new image was released for the Capchara figures coming out in March

New gachapon set was announced

A Pokemon pad was announced for March

Merchandise released!

The yarn gachapon set was released!

On January 30th, 2 new mini trash cans were released

On January 30th, new acrylic keychains featuring pink pokemon were released

On February 1st, Eeveelution sprite collection was released

A new Showa note stationary set was released http://www.showa-note.co.jp/stationery/pokemon_tone_on_tone/

New Kitchen items were released

Qpot x pokeon charms were released

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