Wolf (myuutoo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets for Mewtwo's birthday + ISO Carl's Jr/Hardee's cup

It's Mewtwo's birthday today (it's the 6th here in Australia), so what better day to recieve some Gets in the mail!

More pics and discussion of a Want under the cut.

First up is the RemoCon Battle remote-controlled Mewtwo toy!

I've always thought this was a cute and interesting toy, so I'm glad to have been able to grab one.
I'll have to put some batteries in him sometime to test him out, haha.

Second, I got a Mewtwo cup topper from Carl's Jr/Hardee's

I was pretty happy about finding one "new" in-package,
the only other listing I had seen recently was just for the toy/figure loose, and it was missing the clip and cup lid parts.

Now, relating to this particular Get - I really want to be able to "complete" this item by getting ahold of the matching cup that goes with it.
I haven't personally seen the cup for sale on its own online recently, or the completed set either.

So if anyone has a Carl's Jr/Hardee's Mewtwo cup they'd be willing to sell, or are aware of any up online, please let me know!! ^^

Picture for reference - belongs to the Mewtwo Museum.
Tags: gets, mewtwo, wanted, wants
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