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Funko Bulbasaur Pop and A Day with Pikachu Figures

Hi guys!

It looks like Funko has announced some new Pokemon figures. Funko announced a new Pokemon Pop, and this time it's Bulbasaur! From the Funko Blog,

Pop! Pokémon: Bulbasaur
Grow your Pop! collection with the latest Pokémon Pop!
who also happens to be a rare Grass- Poison-type.
Train with your Pop! Bulbasaur frequently and this
adorable Pokémon might be your best friend or
maybe just take a nap. Additional Pokémon will
be available every season.
Here's an out-of-box look at Bulbasaur:

|Image screenshotted from Funko's Periscope and from Reddit|

Amazon, EntertainmentEarth, and Gamestop have started taking pre-orders for Bulbasaur.

UPDATE: It looks like Bulbasaur should be releasing at Hot Topic on February 27!

Funko also announced a line of figures featuring Pikachu called A Day with Pikachu.
Pokémon fans have a lot to get excited about in the coming months thanks to a special collaboration between Pokémon Center and the collectible-creating experts at Funko. February 13, 2019, will bring the launch of A Day with Pikachu, a new line of figures available at Then, each month for an entire year, a new themed figure will debut on the site. Each of the 12 figures celebrates the changing of the months and seasons with a unique scene featuring Pikachu. Look for the following figures throughout this year and into 2020:
~A Day with Pikachu: One Lucky Day
~A Day with Pikachu: Rainy Day Pokémon
~A Day with Pikachu: Blooming Curiosity
~A Day with Pikachu: Sweet Days Are Here
~A Day with Pikachu: Sparking Up a Celebration
~A Day with Pikachu: Splashing Away Summer
~A Day with Pikachu: Charged Up for Game Day
~A Day with Pikachu: Surprises to Fall For
~A Day with Pikachu: Completely Thank-Full
~A Day with Pikachu: A Cool New Friend
~A Day with Pikachu: Ringing In the Fun
~A Day with Pikachu: Surprising Weather Ahead

The "A Day with Pikachu" figure will retail for $14.99 USD (plus tax and shipping if applicable), and the placeholder link is already up. Plus, there's also a Periscope video by Funko showcasing both of these figures!

What do guys think!

[Potential spoiler about upcoming Pokemon Pops...]
There is also a rumor/a leak floating around that more Pokemon Pops could be coming soon. Listings for Squirtle, Charmander, Meowth, Mewtwo, and a Chase were found in a store's inventory system. The store was not identified, and the image was found on Instagram. Please take this with a grain of salt. There is really no way to confirm if these are going to happen until Funko makes an official announcement. I put this as a spoiler since they may or may not be made.
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