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Collection Update

I think it's been a while since I posted a comprehensive collection update. With SSS drawing near, I wanted to show off my displays.

My weavs are my pride & joy... and my collection is looking better than ever. I keep a few of the clear kids by my daylight lamp.
I have a few things on the way from Japan as well, which I'll list at the bottom of the cut.

I love my Absols as well! I just got the Atsumete mascot plush back from my mom's house this week and I'm happy to have him again.

A couple Latis, a dog, a fox, and my favorite guy, the Weavile DX Pokedoll.

My Lycanroc figures live on a shelf, while the plushes, along with Arcanines & other orange 'mons, are near the floor on a coffee table. Sorry the pic isn't great... it's dark down there.

These displays aren't purely Pokemon, but they have a few lil dudes hanging out in each one. Same for the photos below. I've tried to make the best of my very small room, haha.

Lastly... my PokeTime straps! I just got these back so I haven't put them on display yet, but intend to soon. I hope that they release more of these. I was disappointed that they weren't included in the most recent promo.

Below are all of the things i'm getting from Y!J & Mercari soon. Mostly for my gifter's reference.

This is a shot in the dark, but I couldn't find one my Figuarts Lucario's aura sensor things when I rescued him from my old place. Does anyone happen to have an extra laying around...?

I am also missing the closed eye piece, which is a shame - so I'd like that too, though it's not as important.
Even if I can't find a replacement, this guy is still special. He was one of the first high quality pokemon items I bought when I started collecting.

Sales Plug:
I added two new items, but I'll do a bigger update after SSS begins.
I also opened an instagram account for toy pix, and would love to follow folks w/ similar accounts. The handle is savethetag.
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