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Introduction & Help & WTB


Hello everyone!
I’m Nyange, a dedenne lover & collector .
By far I’ve collected almost every official ‘dedenne only *’ merchandise all over the world that is known of excluding things I post below.

*I don’t know how to describe it in English ,it’s like the differences between a clear file with only dedenne and one with many pokemon including dedenne. In most cases I won't buy the second kind unless it's very good-looking or cheap .

Here's some of my dedenne armies!

My favourite pokemon is dedenne of course. I like raichu ,rockruff , togedemaru , and swirlix, too. They’re like ,well, my side collections.
I collect some pokedolls as well ! Maybe next time I can post something about them!

As I've known , there are 2 kinds of dedenne plush of Tomy they had realised pages/pics but never came out for sale . I want one of them and want to know if anyone have its detailed information.

The first one is the dedenne plush by Japanese Takara Tomy :

It used to be displayed on amazon Japan ,with official sample pic to presell , it should be sold on 9/30/2015 but unfortunately , they canceled it for no reason and nobody get it.

Recently I found a plush that was similar to it so much from a online store which sells factory rejected toys for business.
After getting the parcel, I found it was the one I had been looking for !! Its tag is “sample” .
So I might get the only sample all over the world !!

• HELP •

Same with the first one, the second one was a pokemon clip-on plush also made by Tomy. It showed up on London Toy Fair 2015.

Tomy had also released their Reseller catalog this year,  which listed the toys that might be available for sale in 2015.

Sadly, that was the last time it showed up.

Months ago I found more pictures of it from another factory rejected toy store, but that plush was sold 4 years ago for only 1$ and no more restocking said by the seller.

I’ve been searching every websites for this little cutie but no more things were found .
It should be the last one to complete my dedenne plush collection...

The only hope now is to find the one that might still in UK (maybe).
If you have any information of it, please let me know!! I want it so bad...

• WTB •

These are the things I’ve been looking for!
If you have any of them for sale internationally(I live in China), I would like to buy!

(I don’t own these pics, they belong to their owners.)
P.s.  As the plush from the 3rd pic, I want it with a hang tag , coz I already got one without it .

Thanks so much for reading!

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