niidzima wrote in pkmncollectors

Looking to buy/trade some Zukens

Hello everybody!

I'm looking to buy/trade some Zukens pieces/sets:

1. Poke&King Studios 02: Mega Charizard Y (to buy) or full Charizard Line (to buy or trade on originals RSE SP1 Charizard Line and XY03 Mega Charizard X both in good condition)

2. King Studios 08: Mega Raichu (to buy) or full Raichu Line (to buy or trade on originals RSE5 Raichu Line in good condition)

3. King Studios 14: full Butterfree Line (with or not Vileplume Line) (to buy)

If you have any for sale/trade, please let me know.

Photo trading sets on request via private messages.


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