ariesunicornxo (ariesunicornxo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection & Introduction!

Hii everyone,
I am super new to this community, although I've been lurking around for a couple of years.
I am 26, trans masc, and live in Canada. :)
I'm pretty stoked to be part of an online community who are also into Pokemon merch. I'm a counsellor for mariginalized folks and I also do a lot of organizing and activism -- I feel like Pokemon has always been my 'escape plan' from that stuff, which I need sometimes. Pictures of Rapidash under the cut! I adore unicorns, and am a fire sign, and Rapidash is perfection. A couple of bootleg things in here, heads up. Also, custom made by kitamonplush.
ALSO WAITING on the 2018 Pokemon Centre rapidash plush which I believe is the only official plush made of him?! Pretty stoked. Random art things were gifts from pals, or stuff that I've made over the years.
Andd a question if folks feel like answering: How did you all get into collecting the pokemon that you collect? What was it about those Pokemon specifically? LAST THING, my phone camera sucks because I've dropped it a bunch. But I tried, I'll get it fixed eventually!

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