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Collection Update + Claims!

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done a collection update, so I wanted to go ahead and post one. I won't be getting any new stuff for a while — besides a few smaller things. Also, I'm doing claims on a box of the new kid figures! Click here to go to my sales to see the list. Collection below!

Starting off with plush, I'll go ahead with the yellow rodents. I weeded out a LOT of my Pikas, and some I still have (Canvas, Kuttari, Banpresto Halloween) are in other rooms or in my car. The snowman chu is a late christmas gift to my friend! The shimmering Pichu was a present from her to me for christmas as well.

My favorite yellow mascot babies — including the newest Little Fluffy Pokemon Pikachu.

My small small mew collection. The Fit one is my newest one, and she is so cute! She has little beans in her butt and I love her.

My "Only Exceptions" corner, with plush I have decided to keep despite not actually collecting the Pokemon themselves. Besides having figures such as the minicot and stadium figures of Larvitar, the Magnet of Duskull and the clipping/clear kid of Zorua.

Moving onto figures, these are my most recent ones. The Mix Au Lait Espeon is super cute, as well as the WCT Mew. The chibi keychains were for a friend — I snatched them up as soon as I saw them!

I tried my hand at getting some random gacha pulls, but wasn't very lucky. I only got two I wanted — Espeon and Eevee — one for me and one for my sister. I have Jolteon and Litwick up for trade if anyone would like to trade for a different gacha (doesn't have to be mix au lait)!

This is how my main Display is supposed to look with my Mews. I took it apart recently for cleaning so i couldn't take a picture with everything >.<

Thanks for looking guys! I have a lot of other random figures that aren't included in this post, mostly because they're packed away since I'm debating on selling a lot of them. Hopefully I'll be able to make a full collection post soon!


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