Jessica (lordboop) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Huge collection update + new display!

Howdy! I've been in the middle of renovating my room!
I also purchased a toooooon of Oshawott merch from a user recently, and I've finally been able to take them out of the box to display!

First, some plushes! The dreamworld plush has been a big want of mine for a while. I also did not know he could be removed from the bed, which is super cute!!

A promotional visor, tin, and itty bitty backpack!

Tons of stickers and other flats! I really need to see if there is an Oshawott notebook out there, as I would love to make a sticker book!

Some buttons and keychains and such! Another idea I've been wanting to do it make an Oshawott ita bag *n*

More keychains and fgures! One of them is a SQUISHY!!

Some big stickers!

Some cups!

An adorable lil christmas ornament!

Clearfiles!! I absolutely adore the top left one and would love to get it framed!

And finally....

one GIANT boy that I am still in the middle of stuffing!
One shall be complete...

With these, I have also updated my collection website as well!

My room is pretty much done with renovations, so here is my collection shelves so far!

(I haven't figured out what to put in the middle shelf completely yet....rn is holds Digimon and some custom wotts!

That is all for now! Thank you for looking! :D

Tags: collection, collection update, emolga, oshawott
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