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quick sales!

I've added some new items to my sales! A lot sold off recently so I've crossed out a lot of what's gone. I lowered prices and hopefully I've got something to help out with someone's SS gift :-)

More under the cut!!

Sales permission granted by allinia on 6/11/14-

- I accept Paypal only. Prices are in USD.

- My feedback can be found here. Please make sure to view previous feedback.

- I refuse to sell to banned members.

- ALL pkmncollectors rules apply.

- Items come from a smoke free, but not pet free home.

- Payment is due within 24 hours.(If you need an item held or a payment plan, please let me know before committing so we can work it out)

-I can't do refunds, so please don't hesitate to ask about close ups or details!

- I ship within 3-7 days.

- Shipping is from Minnesota.

-Shipping includes materials(if needed)

-Prices don't include shipping unless otherwise stated.

- Please state if you are committed to the item you are interested in purchasing. If not, it may go to someone

- Once out of my hands, I am no longer responsible for the item if it gets lost or damaged.

- Please add your LJ username and what you bought in the note.

- Feedback appreciated and will be done in return!

- All items are legitimate unless otherwise stated

Zygarde forms - Core $10, Dog and Snake GONE
Jigglypuff has hang tag - $5
Meowth HAS BOX, not attached, can come with or without box - $10
Abra, has hang tag - $10
Victini UFO, has hang tag - $8
Alolan Meowth UFO, has hang tag - $10
Tomy Dedenne, has hang tag - $5
Dragonite All Star with all tags - $13
Lugia MPC, has hang tag, slight damage to tag - $10
Meowstic UFO, has hang tag - $10
Amaura, has hang tag - $5
Small Charizard, tush only - $5
Laying Vulpix has hang tag - $10
Chandelure keychain plush - $10
Luvdisc both have hang tags, x2 - $5 each

Phione UFO damaged, can be fixed - $4
Small Charizard, tush only - $5

Fire type tin vintage, has scratches (Growlithe,Flareon,Vulpix,Ponyta) - $10
Jolteon,Flareon and Vaporeon figure set - $10
Popplio and Pikachu set - $3
Eevee phone holder - $10
Raichu Marble case - $8
Raichu V trainer figure - $6
Pokemon cup MIP (Pikachu,Minun,Plusle,Rayquaza,Deoxys,Munchlax and Combusken) - $5
Mew glass cup - $10
Yveltal DX figure (no stand? not sure if it came with one) - $5

Poochyena Tomy LEGIT - $15
Poochyena Hasbro - $10 or best offer
Poochyena Mightybean(damaged) - $3
Poochyena Megablok - $6
Poochyena Europe? Candy figure (not a bootleg) - $9 or best offer
Mightyena/Poochyena Zukan - $15
Poochyena kid - $4
Mightyena movie kid(sitting) - SOLD

Rare Lugia charm MIP - $15

All cards in 1st photo(all old cards are HOLO and have some damage, none are bent) all $2 each, MEWTWO SOLD
stamped holos(Slowbro,Sunflora etc) are 2 for $1

second photo
Promo Break Wobbuffet $2
Promo Break Arcanine $2
Other Breaks 50 cents each
Flareon EX - $3
Other EX cards - $1
Mega Pidgeot FA (slight scratch on the back top corner) - $2
Hoopa card sleeve pack - $5
Stickers 50 cents each

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