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New Sales and Some Auctions for 2019!

Hi all :)

After some much-needed weeding and cleaning, it's time for some new sales! I cleaned out my closet and found lots of flats and weeded out many duplicate items from lots--especially Eevees. In addition to my sales, I also have some hard-to-find/rare items up for auction.
All of the items listed below and can be combined with anything in my regular sales--Pokemon, non-Pokemon, Funko--which has been updated, too.

To be transported to my Main Sales Booth, please click either the banner or the link below:
The auction will end February 18, at 9:00 PM Detroit time/EST.
Please click >HERE< for the countdown timer.


no titleSales Permission granted on Dec. 17, 2015, by areica96.
My Feedback can be found here.

As the seller, I reserve the right to refuse a transaction if I do not feel comfortable conducting business with a particular buyer. Please do not be offended if I refuse.
Do NOT edit or delete comments.
 (New!) There is a minimum purchase of $2.00.
Be clear if you are committing. Commitment takes priority over quotes.
I will hold items if you are committed. Holds will last for one (1) week/seven (7) days.
I accept reasonable haggling and trades for items on my Wish List are accepted. However, please do not be offended if I refuse an offer.
Please include the magic word (Stufful Souffle) in your comment to show that you have read and understood my rules.
Negative feedback will be left for rescinding a sale or for non-payment of a committed sale or for payments not sent within the specified time frame.
Allergy warning: I have 2 cats and a dog (Shiba Inu). There may be a stray pet hair since they can sneak past me. All items are inspected before being sent.
Some items may be cross-listed on another forum. Priority will be determined by time-stamp.
Prices are in USD.
Prices do not include materials fees, shipping, or Paypal fees unless specified.
Paypal only. E-checks are accepted, but your item will be shipped once payment clears.
Payment plans can be formed when needed.
Payment must be sent within 24 hours unless there is a prior agreement. If payment is not received within 24 hours, a friendly reminder will be left, and payment must be sent within 12 hours of the reminder.
I will NOT hunt or chase you down for payment. If payment is not received within the allotted time, negative feedback will be left! No exceptions!
I ship from Michigan.
There is a $0.50 fee for packing materials.
I will NOT ship flats and non-flats together unless the non-flat requires a box.
Shipping within the continental United States begins at $3.50.
I ship internationally. Shipping to Canada begins at $9.50. International shipping begins at $13.50. IMPORTANT - I will provide a US Customs number, and this number should act as a tracking number. Some countries do not support electronic USPS delivery confirmation. If your country is not on this list (see Exhibit 252.22) or you want a guaranteed tracking number, please request tracking.
If the shipping cost is less than what was quoted, I will refund the difference.
The default shipping method is First Class Mail. If you would like insurance or a different shipping method, please let me know.
I may be a slow shipper since shipping times vary due to my schedule. All items will be shipped by Friday.
I will inform you when your item(s) has been shipped or of any delays (i.e. bad weather, car troubles, illness, etc.).
I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged (US or Int'l) packages once they have left my possession.
Please bid in increments of $1.00.
If you bid on the wrong thread, please let me know, and I will correct it. Do NOT delete your bid!
The Auto-Extension Rule is in effect:
-If a bid is placed in the last five minutes of the auction, the bidding will be extended an extra five minutes until no other bids have been placed.
-Here's an example of the rule in effect: The auction ends at 9:00 PM. Abra places a bid at 8:56 PM; the auction now ends at 9:05 PM unless another bid is placed. Zubat then places a bid at 9:01 PM; now, the auction will end at 9:06 PM.
This auction will end The auction will end February 18, at 9:00 PM Detroit time/EST.
Countdown timer: >HERE<

If you have read and understood my rules, please include the magic word below somewhere in your comment. This word signifies that you have read and understood my rules. If you forget the magic word, I will inform you that it is missing, and you will have eight (8) hours from my comment to reply with that word; when that time period has elapsed, I will inform you of the time lapse, and the item will pass to the next person in queue. By placing a bid, it means that you have read and understood my rules. You do not have to place the magic word in your comment for an auction, because placing a bid is the equivalent of adding the magic word.
Today's magic word is . . . Stufful Souffle!


90s Stickers - $1.25 each
Available: Gym Badge Ash, Raichu, Rattata, Haunter, Ash & Crew, Pikachu, Sandslash, Pikachu/Ash, Wartortle, Butterfree, and Team Rocket.
Fennekin Trozei Sticker - $0.50
Phione Sticker - $1

my151 Stickers - $1.50 each
I would also love to trade any of these for the Eeveelutions.
Available: Wigglytuff, Articuno, Zubat, Golbat, Omanyte, and Hitmonlee.
Zeraora Stickers - $1 each
Available: Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange x1.
Project_Eevee Line Stickers - $6
PokemonCenter-Online Eeveelution Postcard

PokemonCenter-Online Starters Postcard - $2.50
PokemonCenter-Online Porgon-line Clearfile
Click >here< for a picture of the back.

PokemonCenter-Online Clearfiles - $1 each
Click >here< for a picture of the backs.
Available: Pikachus x3, Starters ~x5, and Greninja ~x7.

Pokemon Activity Book - $1.75
Expired Pokemon Code Cards - Free with any purchase!
Available: Shiny Sivally, Shiny Gengar, Dragonite x3, Heracross/Pinsir, and Diancie x1 (not pictured).
Movie 16 Promotional Fyler - $0.50

Alola Coloring Pages - $1.50 each
Available: Solgaleo x2, Taku Koko, and Lunala x2.

Baby Pokemon Party Convention Print - $5
I bought this from a local convention years ago and do not remember the artist's name. This print has been stored in my closet and has never been displayed. It has a slight curve on the lower right corner.

Nyan Cat feat. Meowth Convention Print
I bought this from a local convention years ago and do not remember the artist's name. This print has been stored in my closet and has never been displayed.

Mega Diancie/Primal Kyogre & Primal Groudon Poster - $4
The back has Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon. Click >here< for an image of the back.

Tapu Koko Poster - $6
This poster is not double-sided.

Pokken Tournament Poster x2 - $8
This poster is double-sided. An image of the back can be found >here<.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Poster x9 - $1.50 each
This poster is double-sided. Click >here< for an image of the back.

Pokemon Timeline Poster - $6 (on hold)
This poster is double-sided. Click >here< for an image of the back.

Pikachu Paper Headband x5 - $1 each or 1 free with any $3 purchase

PokemonKorea Mimikyu Pin - $15
Pikachu & Case Washi Tape - $8
A sample of what the tape looks like can be found >here<.
Pogs - $1 each
Available: Vulpix and Growlithe.

Yokohama Regional Can Badges - $5 each / Pink and Green Pikachu are $6 each
Each come with their original packaging.
Available: (secret) Pink Pikachu, and (secret) Green Pikachu, Pikachu White, Lucario White, Lucario Black, and Pikachu Black.
Kagawa Regional Can Badges - $7 each
Each come with their original packaging.
Available: Dedenne, Komala, Cutiefly x2, Pikachu Windmill x4, Pikachu Udon x3, and Pikachu Bridge.

Pokemon x Lovisia Snorlax Can Badge
Pokemon Cafe Can Badge Ekans & Koffing - $8
Pokemon Cafe Acrylic Keychain Ekans & Koffing - $13
Regigigas Can Badge - $2
Has some dirt/rust on the back.
White Kyurem Can Badge - $4
Has some dirt/rust on the back.
Jirachi 2003 Famitsu Can Badge - $4
Has some dirt/rust on the back.

Meiji Eevee Charm - $3
Missing the dome.
Eevee Pokeball Charm - $ 10
Eevee Figure Charm x2 - $10
Eevee Face Magnet - $10
Eevee Acrylic Charms - $11 each
Available: Sleeping Eevee and Sitting Eevee.
Original 151 Eevee Can Badges x2 - $35 each

Fan of Pikachu & Eevee Acrylic Charms - $10 each
Available: Piplup, Slowpoke, Munchlax, Gengar, Rowlet, Psyduck, and Whismiscott.
Ditto Da Mon Acrylic Keychains - $10 each
Available: Ditto Sweets and Ditto Mew/Zorua/Gardevior.

Grabby Eevee Hollow Keychain - $10
Eevee Suction Cup Figure x2 - $6 each
Eevee Battle Museum Figure (no base) - $5

Large Tomy Eevee - $7
Has some paint transfer on its head.
Franco&Sons Eevee Bath Toy - $10.50
Eevee In-case Cooking Figure x1 - $10 each
TFG Eevee

Sealed Kid Figures - $7 each
Available: Leaping Eevee and Charm Eevee.
(NIP) Eevee & Flareon Tomy Figure - $25
Packaging has a crease on the lower right corner.
(NIP) Winky Eevee Megablok - $18
The box has some damage.

Sylveon Ippai Figures - $8 each
These are sealed and have not been opened. They are from >this< set. Each comes with a capsule and stickers.
Available: Sitting Sylveon and Lying Sylveon.
Sylveon Choco Egg Figure - $6
Moncolle Get Figures - $7 each
Available: A. Ninetales and Pearly A. Vulpix.

Psyduck Light-up Keychain - $2
No longer works. Has a slight mark on his face.
Tiny Gen. 5 Figure Straps - $2 each
Available: Victini and Zorua.
Hollow Keychains - $5 each
Available: Pikachu and Ash.
Phanpy Metal Charm - $5
Korean Pikachu Eraser - $2.50

*please see pictures below*
Kid Figures - $2 each except Altaria is $1 and Sparkly Zoura and Mightyena are $3.50 each
¡Please be aware that there may be some paint damage or scuff marks!

Available: Riolu, Lucario, Sceptile, Combusken, and Marshastomp.

Available: Electrike, Salamence, Altaria, Sentret, Furret, and Pikachu.

Available: Reshiram, Togekiss, Sparkly Zoura, Sparkly Mightyena, and Keldeo.

Series 2 Pokemofu Dolls - $8.50 each
Available: Dittochu x2, Camerachu, and Eevee (on hold).

Tree Figures - $10 each
Each come with a box.
Available: Jirachi, Jigglypuff, Togepi & Exeggcute, and Charmander.

IONIX (Mega) Venusaur & Bulbasaur - $8
Includes both Venusaur and Bulbasaur. The pieces for Venusaur will be included along with the instructions. It will be deconstructed in order to ship.
Rowlet vs Eevee Mega Construx - $6
The Eevee pieces have been removed, but everything else--Rowlet pieces, tree pieces, and instructions--are included. Box will be included upon request.
IONIX Fennekin - $5
Megablok Pokeball - $0.75
Has some discoloration and scuffs.
Megablok Element Pieces - $0.50 for all shown.

Tomy Mega Blaziken Poseable Figure
Zoroark Jakks - $8
Zorua Jakks - $5
Zoroark McDonald's Figure - $4
Still in the packaging and comes with the card.
WCT Cosmoem - $6
Keldeo Figure - $3
Franco & Sons Large Snorlax - $8

Various Meowth Items:
Weird Hollow Figure - $2
Green Charm Keychain/Figure - $2
The chain is broken. Was pretty dirty, but was cleaned.
Bank (missing the plug) - $2
Has a scuff on his lip.
In-package/Fingerpuppet Plush - $15
Is still in the plastic, but has a piece of lint on it.
Reversible Plush - $5
Turns into a Masterball.
Friends Plush - $3
It is in plastic, but has flecks of dirt on it.
Meowth Pracoro Dice Box - $.25
It's just the box (rough shape), Meowth Cards (bent), and some dice and things.
Tomy Figure Keychain - $2.50
Has some scuff marks.
MIP Tomy Figure Keychain - $5
Meowth Key Holder - $6.50
Meowth Candy Holder - $5
Has a small blue scuff on it.
MIP Keychain - $5.50
Talky Hook Figure - $8
Speaks in (incoherent) Japanese. Requires 2 AA batteries (will be shipped without). Eye has a scuff mark.
or take everything for $53 shipped (US)!

Large Plush Pokedolls - $1 each
Available: Ultra Ball and Great Ball.
Plastic Pokeball - $0.25 or free with any purchase!

Eevee Kawaii Plush (MWT)
JPN Fuzzy Eevee Plush (MWT) - $32
Eevee Friends Plush

Halloween Amphraos (MWT) - $23
It is sealed in the bag, but it has a couple fingerprint/dirt marks on its tail.
(2004) Bulbasaur Friends Plush - $10
Fuzzy Tomy Bulbasaur Plush (TTO) - $22
Poliwag Friends Plush - $6
Has some marks or his belly swirl has smeared.
Banpresto Rolly Polly Plush (MWT) - $13 each
Available: Absol and Zorua.

Twinkle Dreams Eevee & Sylveon Wash Cloth - $15
Twinkle Dreams Espeon/Umbreon Mirror - $6
Vaporeon/Jolteon Coin Purse - $7
Jolteon is on the reverse side.

Pikachu Neon Signs Tote Bag - $28
Pikachu Pink Clear Pouch

Pikachu Canvas/Ita Bag - $35
Was opened to see what it looks like without the plastic, but was never used.

~New Items Added Feb. 16:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Dress-up Figures - $9 each
Each one is new and sealed in the box. Here is a better picture of what each figure looks like.
Available: Bowtie Pika (1), Puffy Hair Pikachu (5), Pikachu Sportswear (3), and Safari Pikachu (7).

~New Items Added Mar. 2:

Espeon Clearfile - $6
Omastar my151 Sticker - $1.50

Pokeball Chain - $4
Lillie & Solgaleo Can Badges - $12
Watson Can Badge - $5
Rotom Dex Charms - $5
Elekid Big Can Badge - $5

Series 2 Coo'Nuts - $5 each
Available: Togepi, Clefairy, Torchic, Psyduck, Cyndaquil, (Female) Pikachu, Pachirisu, Dedenne, and Emolga.

Pikachu Parade: Skateboard Figure - $10
The box will be included.
Seaside Series Relaxation Pikachu
Dessert Plate Snorlax Figure - $10
The box will be included.

Team Flare Pikachu (MWT) - $24
Sylveon Tail Charm (MWT) - $7

Eevee & Crystal Crops Wash Cloths - $8 each
Available: Eevolutions, Eevee, Flareon, Espeon/Umbreon, Glaceon x2, and Sylveon/Eevee.
Eevee & Crystal Drops Perfume - $10 each
These have been opened to determine the scent. Eevee has a citrus scent, and Sylveon has a sweet, scent (kinda like Pink Chiffon from Bath and Body Works).
Available: Eevee, Espeon/Umbreon, and Sylveon.

Eevee Crystal Drops Prize Floor Mat - $32


Hey! Pikachu and Friends Ichiban Kuji Poster - Starts at $15
Features Snorlax Pikachu, Rowlet, K. Vulpix, A. Vulpix, and Clefairy. Has been folded. There is a small mark on Clefairy.

S. Korean Acrylic Standees - Each start at $10
These were included as a gift for purchasing a ticket to the movie in S. Korea. The highest bidder will receive the box.
Available: Zeraora and Sudowoodo.

Pokemon x Isetan Mew Cup - Starts at $15
Still in packaging and never opened. Click >here< for a picture of the back and >here< for the stock photo image.

Tomy Eevee Bank - Starts at $13
Eevee Musical Lamp - Starts at $32
It plays music and has a little light. There are three settings, off, light on, and light with music. It was tested and still works. Requires 4 AA batteries (will be shipped without). I took a short video, added in the comments, to show how it works.

TCG Binder - Starts at $30
Still in plastic and has been stored since receiving. Includes a decal/sticker of the Legendary Bird Trio.

Gen. 2 Duffle/Messanger Bag and Fanny Pack - Starts at $40
Features Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totdile, Pikachu, and Pichu. I believe it was a lottery prize or promotional item for one of the movies. These have never been used and have been in storage since receiving them. Additional pictures can be found >here< (because Imgur did away with their albums :/).

Thank you for taking a look! If you have any questions, please let me know! I'll also have another update with new items hopefully this weekend or early next week :)
Until next time~

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