lugianium wrote in pkmncollectors

Ultra Shiny GX

Hello everyone ! Long time no see ! Sorry about that.

Well I am here because I recently fell in love with the Ultra Shiny GX Collection from the Pokémon TCG. In fact, I'm only interested by the shinies that are described as "secrets" in the set. ^w^

Here you have the list:

And I am searching for every card between number 162 (Rowlet) and number 243 (Drampa GX). Except Scyther, Pheromosa, Charmeleon, Riolu, Buzzwole, Guzzlord, Magnemite, Metang because I have them already.

Soo, if somebody has one of them by any chance, I will buy them or trade them (but I am french so my cards are mostly french, sorry). Thaaanks to all !


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