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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good Feb so far. (:

Random update on life. I got a couple of new pokemon stuff and i loveeee them all.

They are all under the cut if you wanna view the goods ;b

First up! Sarasa pokemon pens. I just ordered this and it's being shipped (: they're so cute so i couldn't resist.

Next was this cardboard cutout that was probably featured in rental stores or something. I thought it was really cool and purchased it. I'm kind of bummed that part of mew's tail is missing but i'm sure i can *eventually* fix it. XD

This particular item was actually not bought by me or my husband. XD We found out we were pregnant and after sharing the news with our families, my younger sister went to buy some baby stuff and this being one of them. It's a pikachu wipes box. My family knows my love for pokemon and they supports it. (:

Last but not least, is this pikachu controller from GS. My husband bought it for me on our date last night. It's honestly so cute. (:

Andddd that's it! Thank you for reading through.

Also if you are part of my SSS team, you should have received all your details. (: please do not hesistate to email/PM me if you have any problems/questions.

Thank you!
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