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Big Update Post (display setup, gets, a big big lot of stuff)

Hey everybody!! I meant to do this update MANY months ago, but kept putting it off (especially since i had a huge update post all typed up but i lost it when my computer rebooted unexpectedly and i'll die mad about it), so I'm determined to get through it now before it collapses into a black hole under the force of its own gravity. This one's got a little bit of everything: Laughter! Tears! Schadenfreude over me drastically underestimating the size and weight (and by extension the shipping costs) of a lot I won on Y!J Auctions! I don't want it to be too boring, so I'm going to do my best to organize everything in a way that makes sense. I'll also utilize multiple cuts to make it easier to read, maybe? Off we go!

Before I get into the real meat of this post- that is, a WAY bigger-than-expected box from ZenMarket- I'll go over some of my other gets from the past few months. They're mostly purchased from Y!J, though a few are from the comm and elsewhere.

From left to right: Jirachi MPC plush, self-inking stamp, Christmas decochara plush, gashapon figure

I looove this gashapon figure! Really, I love any Jirachi figure or plush that has Jirachi doing more than smiling with its arms at its sides, haha.

From (roughly) left to right: Klefki movie key-shaped charm, sparkly bag clip, "ball" (not a Bound Ball!), phone charm and strap, tiny figure(?), paper diorama, petit pastel plush x2

This group had some interesting (to me) items in it-- namely, that round ball-style Jirachi, which I have seen referred to as a "bound ball", but which is apparently not actually part of the Bound Ball line of toys? As far as I know, Bound Balls are made of a squishy stress ball material, while Jirachi here is more of a hollow play-ball style, made of rubber or vinyl or something; it's squishy to a point, but if you squeezed it too hard I think it would probably burst. Does anybody know any specifics about these non-Bound Ball toys?

Other notes: those key-shaped charms are unexpectedly heavy! I thought they were just plastic key shapes, but no, they are actually solid metal. The tiny figure came in a Premier Ball capsule on a cord to be (I'm assuming) worn around the neck, but I don't know anything more about it than that. And that paper diorama was a bit of an impulse buy, I was very curious about what it was! Someday I'll try putting it together when I have an adequate place to display it. I think it should... probably be pretty self-explanatory? But I know very little Japanese and can only read hiragana, so we'll see how that goes, lol. All I can tell is that it's a tanabata scene featuring Oshawott, Pikachu, Victiny, Snivy, and of course Jirachi! (Tepig really got snubbed from this diorama. huh...)

What it looks like assembled! I guess!

The following gets are even older than the rest, but I really wanted to share them because everyone loves 1:1 plush!

First up, this was... maybe an unnecessary purchase, since I have a talking Jirachi plush already, but I grabbed this up when I saw it on Y!J Auctions for a couple reasons. It comes with its box and is generally in better condition than the one I already have, which is awesome! And also, it still has its voicebox, which my older one does not! It was a good price, if I remember right, so I'm glad I sprang for it.

Second up, the 1:1 cushion-style plush that was released last year! I didn't know if this one would make it to the US or not (turns out it did, lol) so I made sure to snag one after their initial release (thanks to gaarasyami!!) It's suuuper soft, being made of that very dense minky-style fabric that's used for most current Pokemon Center plush. The wish tags are double-sided (ie. two rectangles of fabric sewn together,) which is an interesting change from the usual single layer of fabric that's usually used for them.

Next to each other! I think I'm still a little more fond of the older 1:1 plush, just because of its construction, but both are totally adorable and super huggable.

And now it's time for my always-minimal Gloom gets; it's all flats this time around. :'1 Poor baby's got so little merch. (I am dying for the second wave of Fit plush to be released in the US!)

Cards and stickers! I got lucky and snagged a sticker lot with some mushroom friends in it as well. I love the artwork on Gloom's TCG card here! I think the English name for this expansion was Burning Shadows, but the translation of the Japanese name, "To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow", sounds way cooler imo.

Okay, so I was really excited to finally get ahold of these Korean postcards! They're so cute! Together they feature the entire (first gen) Oddish family line as well as some other lovely grass-type buddies. They both came with a little mini-sheet of Pikachu stickers, seen below; the backs of the cards have a flap that you can open, to give you extra space for writing, I guess. The colors are very soft and cheerful, and each one has spot-gloss highlights with added shimmery glitter embedded in them.

The slogan reads "Pocket Monsters Always Stays Near You." Adorable.

I probably missed some stuff, but that's it for the smaller packages this time around. Now let's get to the big one. The main event. The one single lot that cost me more in shipping than I have ever paid for one package in my LIFE. I've just been referring to it as the Monster Lot. (I think it won't seem so ridiculous to a lot of members of this community, especially those used to shipping or receiving oversized items, but it's a milestone for me.)

So, a while ago I spotted a mixed auction of various Pokemon goods on Y!J that contained a whole bunch of Jirachi merch-- specifically, promotional goods from the release of the Jirachi movie. I had semi-recently missed out on a lot that I had REALLY wanted, so I was determined to nab this one no matter what. And I did! I was so excited that I had gotten this big lot for a really good price; I think I spent less than $30 on it, not including shipping? And that was a good deal for just the Jirachi stuff, never mind the rest of it! Admittedly there was a LOT of stuff in this auction, and it was kind of difficult to judge scale just by looking at it, so I couldn't accurately gauge how bulky or heavy it would be. From the pictures, though, it seemed to be just a few handfuls of mostly flats and charms, and other miscellaneous items; I was sure it couldn't be THAT bad.

Those of you with experience buying and selling overseas will have long since realized my mistake.

Let me tell you, when I got the shipping estimate from ZenMarket for this lot plus the other things I had purchased during that time, I felt like I had just gotten hit by a meteor. "How could this have happened?!" I bemoaned my fate, already knowing the answer in the back of my mind but not wanting to admit it to myself. "How could this package be SO HEAVY?! I didn't buy anything this heavy!!" WRONG, LOL. (All told, the contents of JUST this one lot weighed 6.75kg-- almost 15 pounds. That doesn't even include the other stuff I had shipped in the same box.) When I was done complaining, I paid the shipping fee and waited for this gigantic package to arrive, which it finally did almost a month later.

Y'all... there was so much stuff in this box.

Let's first take a look at the Jirachi items!

From left to right, top row then bottom: movie promo button set, double-sided clear file, pencil board, mini erasable whiteboards, phone charm, mini clear cards, rubber keychain, tiny plush charm/strap

All in all, I AM really glad I got this lot of stuff; everything came in great condition, still in its original packaging, and with price stickers on it as well, which definitely contributed to me feeling like I had gotten a good deal, LOL. That pencil board is suuuuper shimmery. (Does anyone know what those tiny clear plastic cards are actually called? I feel like I remember seeing them referred to as mini-pencil boards somewhere, but I could be completely mistaken.)

These two charms might be my favorite items from this lot. (I'm just a sucker for charms, I guess.) The one on the right is, if I had to guess, probably the tiniest official Jirachi plush there is. Here it is next to a kids figure for scale:


As for the one on the left, I was a little puzzled by two things about it at first. For one thing, the additional star-shaped plastic charm seemed reasonable enough, but I couldn't quite figure out why there was a hollow plastic ball with a round hole in it attached to the strap as well. When I took it out of the package, I was also surprised to find that Jirachi is made of a soft rubbery material, not the hard plastic I had been expecting. But then I noticed the little diagram on the front of the packaging...

YOU GUYS. It's a little cocoon!! You can fit Jirachi's body into the plastic ball so it looks like Jirachi is wrapped up in its own comet-tails like in the movie!! IT'S THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE AND I LOVE IT. I'M GONNA DIE! ...So yeah, that was an exciting discovery!

We'll see some of these items again in a bit, but let's take a look at the rest of the lot first.

Without further ado... the rest of it.

From left to right: LOL JUST KIDDING, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE. See Jirachi kid for scale.

So... yeah. This is a lot of stuff. Like... a whole lot, by my standards. When I first unpacked the box, I just spread everything out on my bed and stared at it for a while in shock. I think one of the main factors in me HILARIOUSLY misjudging the size of the lot was that Meowth plushie; I thought it was MUCH smaller than it actually is. Once the initial shock wore off, I started going through everything, and honestly, I couldn't stay mad about the shipping charge for long, because there was so much interesting stuff to look at. There's a ton of variety, from figures to household goods to stationery; I won't go through all of it in this post, but here are some of the things that I thought were cool, or weird, or just surprising.

First up: these things! From the auction image, I thought they were cloth bandannas, but they are actually water-bottle cozies, complete with carrying straps and insulated linings to keep your drinks cool! As far as I can tell, they originally came with bottle toppers or nozzles or something featuring the face of the Pokemon, which is why most of them sort of cut off awkwardly at the neck; it's kind of disappointing to have them without their heads.

A Totodile air freshener! It seems like all of the red ink has faded completely from the design, a common issue with items like this, but Totodile still looks great. Doesn't smell like much of anything.

What we have here is a multi-tiered bento box, which comes with a matching cloth drawstring bag! Very cute! Again, just from viewing the auction image, I figured this had to be a pretty small box, intended for a child's lunch. That would make sense, given that it's Pokemon, right?

WRONG AGAIN LOL. It's hard to get a sense of scale from a picture, but this is a BIG container. You could easily pack lunch for two grown adults in this thing (or lunch for one adult, if ya HUNGRY.)

I would actually love some insight into these Pokeballs, if anyone knows what they are! They came wrapped shut with plastic, but I just had to open them to see what was inside. (The balls themselves have slots in the back so they can be used as coin banks, by the way.)

Ta-da! It's... a figure? Each Pokeball contains a different solid-colored figure made of vinyl or similar, as well as a thick black rubber donut-ring, the function of which is a mystery to me. (I spent several minutes squinting at one of them and sounding out the hiragana PAINFULLY slowly, only to determine that it says "do not eat". Super helpful.) Does anyone know what these figures are?

This packet of stuff came all wrapped up together like this; it seems to be a set of promotional items from the Lati@s movie. Let's take a look inside!

Pictured: a large plastic mat of some kind featuring Pikachu and the Pichu Bros, movie promo pencil board, Pichu Bros promo card, sticker sheet, insulated lunch bag

What a neat assortment of stuff! I'm not a Lati fan, but I'm actually super charmed by the pencil board; the photo really doesn't do justice to how deep and vibrant the colors are. It's honestly really gorgeous!

Included in the lot were two play-sets for... some kind of game, which I think is a pog/menko-style game that's played on these hexagonal boards that you arrange together? The thing I'm really into is this big fold-out sheet of comics that seems to explain the rules, and how to play. The art is so cute! (I can't read it, but from what I can tell, the dark-haired kid can't catch a break.)

There were a whole lot of other neat things in this lot that I just don't have the energy to take photos of at the moment, LOL. If you see anything in the big photo that you're curious about, though, let me know-- I'd be happy to answer any questions as best I can and/or take some photos for you! (Most of it will probably be making its way into my sales eventually, I just have to get around to pricing it all.)

So, moving on from that whirlwind of tchotchkes, I have a pretty exciting first to share, actually-- that is, the first photos I've ever shared of my current Jirachi collection display setup! I've made my fair share of gets posts, but for the first time, I have (a small part of) my collection actually being DISPLAYED in a way I feel happy with. It's a major work in progress, still; I have two more shelves to attach to the wall when I manage to stop procrastinating, and I want to come up with some kind of fabric hammock situation so I can display my plush nicely, but I'm pretty pleased with what I've done so far, regardless.

A humble shelf for my Jirachi figures and non-flats!

It's a very simple setup: just a pair of IKEA shelf brackets with a piece of clear acrylic as the shelf! Definitely preferable to having everything crowded onto the top of a dusty bookshelf in a corner, which is how they were being displayed before. I still need to iron out how to display some items better- my small keshimon figures that can't stand on their own, for instance- and I have a lot of flats I want to display too, but for me, this is a great start.

Obviously the shelf isn't the only collection display in the first photo, though...

That's right, I am apparently now a person who owns an itabag. A friend of mine and I both decided to take the plunge and make itabags for our respective collections- hers is a Fire Emblem one- and as nerdy as it is, it really is cute, lol :'V I like being able to actually wear and show off all my charms and things, without having to worry about losing them. "Fun" fact: the regular Jirachi petit plush in the above photo actually DID fall off and get lost in NYC, lol. It has since been replaced, with it and the other items on the outside of the bag now attached with keychain-style split rings rather than flimsy ball-chains. (The contents of the bag have also been rearranged a little since this photo was taken.)

And it lights up!

Well! This has been... an unnecessarily long post, LOL. Thanks for reading!! My next priority is updating my shop, since I am desperately in need of space, haha. :'V I'm also hoping to continue adding to and improving my display setup. Plush are going to be my biggest challenge-- I want to find a way to display them where they won't be in the way, but also won't get too terribly dusty. Just for the sake of showing them off, though, here's a photo of [most of] my Jirachi plush grouped together!

a crowd of soff buddies
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