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New Collection Page and Items

It has been awhile since I have posted and the reason is because I had to move my collection photos. I used to use flickr but after it was sold, they limited the free accounts so I moved to google. My collection page is now here:  Collection

While I was in the process of moving I did keep accumulating more items. Unfortunately I've only had time recently to add my newer stuff to my collection page because I had to move my 3,000+ photos first. But here is a hint of what I've received in the last few months:

These guys are really hard to photograph. On my collection page they are located here: Fragment

My 20th anniversary clock order also came in.

I only took it out to take a quick picture since I don't have a good spot to put it yet. So you can see I left the foam on it. If I removed it, I don't think i could put it back. My 20th Anniversary items can be found here: Pokecen Anniversary

Since I don't have enough space as usual to post pictures I will link to the parts of my page that I added:

711 Korea Halloween Plush

It's Demo Pocket Watch

It's Demo XL Female Pikachu Plush -- this is towards the bottom of the page, I even put a Pokedoll next to it as a comparison.

Fan of Pikachu & Eevee

Halloween 2018 and Christmas 2018 -- yes I know its late but I only had time now to update these sections.

Kagome 2018 Plush

Munch Plush

New Years 2019

Pokemon Fit and 12 inch Lucky Bag Pokemon Fit

Poke Maniac

I think these are the sections I've done work on. But I've added things to old sections. For example if you go to my Nintendo section, I added the Let's go games and console there. Some of the other things I've received that I'm still working on is the Let's Go plush, Super Nerd Promotion, and the Yokohama items (I misplaced some plush).

I do have mores stuff coming in from Japan, and a special plush set should be arriving sometime next week. :)
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