Kawaiikon (kawaiikon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sekiguchi MokoMoko Mimikyu Plush Review!

Hello everyone and happy Valentine's Day! I'm here to do a quick review on the newest addition to my Mimikyu side collection-- the Sekiguchi MokoMoko plush!

First I'd like to say that this is now my most favorite Mimikyu plush that I own! I really love its soft, fluffy fabric. It has embroidery done for its Pikachu face, real eyes, and tail lines. Top of the tail is attached to the back of the Pika head. The plush is a good, moderate size-- stockier and better stuffed than the PC plush and not flimsy at all. There are even some beans at the bottom of the plush which help weigh it down, so it will never have issues with standing up. Overall this Mimikyu is the best cuddle buddy and perfect for display! I am very satisfied and it was definitely worth the price I paid for it. Definitely go for this plush if you're looking for a nice Mimikyu, or even any of the other MokoMoko plush which I'm sure are just as lovely ^^

Thanks for reading!
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