pokemoncats (pokecats) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WCT Litten get

I was at Walmart this morning, and as I was waiting at checkout I saw a lonely Litten. IMO derpy looking plush, however I never got a Tomy equivlent to compare him too. While I love dragons and ghosts....I got to stay loyal to the kitties!!

Whats the comm's opinion on the quality of this particular plush?

lol...Sunny was actually confused. He is more used to the Lucario things

My plush has one minor flaw...this loose thread on the back of his head

i'm reluctant to snip it off because Im afraid of exposed stuffing in all honesty. What would ya'll do in this situation?

Anyway...that is all I got for today. As for the folks who purchased items from me, your packages went out yesterday. Hope ya'll have a good day!!!
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