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New Year 2019 gets feat. Meganium

Hello again everyone!

I hope you guys had an exciting holiday the past few months. Hope it was filled with joy!

I've obtained a few things for my collection, that I'd like to share with you all!

Also SALES POST update and my OTHER SALES post has been updated too! I can combine shipping!

After Christmas, I had to get my hands on the rest of the eeveelutions!

Such a colorful group <3

I may not be a fan of the remake Pokemon Dolls line, but I do love how the eeveelution plush look in this version, rather then the pokedolls one.

Eeveelution keychain from squeeekz!

I saw this sold at Hot Topic a few years ago, but i didn't have the money for it, and never saw it again. Glad to have it in my collection!

Mokomoko mimikyu from kitzune Thanks so much for picking her up for me <3 I'm in love with this plush line.

I decided to get myself a long boi! Not the best one to pose, but he's still adorable none the less.

Corsola from chaobu

I've wanted to get a Corsola plush for quite some time, since I loved having one on my team years ago!

McDonalds figures from work. I kept the Dialga.

Metal straws from zefiru

The quality of these straws are amazing, and also heavy for such tiny things. I'm gonna have the figure out how to display these!

It's time for a package from my middleman! (Minus Meganium who came from a pokemon FB group pickup)

A ton of pokemon stuff!

After new mokomokos were announced, I was ecstatic! Marshtomp and Magikarp have to be my fav from this bunch, especially since Marshtomp was a random choice!

I have a feeling we'll get the last 6 eeveelutons in this plush release. We've got 3 of them so far.

Banpresto plush. I've wanted the Sylveon for sometime and Mareep is the softest thing ever <3

Pokemon fit plush! Butterfree is so cute, and I loved the design of the tauros plush that I had to add him to my collection.

Mudkip hankerchief, and this tiny little plush holds it together! It was MIP too.

Mudkip bell. It's too cute! He was perf for my mudkip collection.

When I first saw this, I was expecting it to be an alarm clock. It's a pencil sharpener.

I got it for my mudkip collection, since it had the hoenn starters on it.

Happy to have this in my collection. It's so unique!

Here's what the back of it looks like.

When I heard of the announcement of the final starters plush, I flipped.

Meganium was my starter in Pokemon Gold and I wanted a decently sized but in game accurate plush of her!

She is perfect. Her head can move around and her feet can too, but not too well ^^;

Here's a group shot of the whole evo line. Though Bayleef is a pakipaki plush, hope they release mid-evos for the remaining starters someday.

Meganium and its baby :3

My mokomoko plush shelf is starting to overflow!

Group shot of all the mokomoko plush releases so far. I'm only collecting the standard size and not the keychains or giant ones.

At work they had this media shelf, which was perfect since my last display was on an old box shape shelf that rotated. I've wanted to change it so I could not have the Wii and N64 sitting on the floor, and have everything spread out. This is perf, and there was enough room to add Virizion to the empty spot!

This would've been the perf corner pic, until I saw that the Elgyem settei in the corner slid to the bottom of the frame. Damn gravity!

Next is a new shelf to expand my video game cases, since they were overflowing. There was space for the mini pokedolls too.

The former small shelf that displayed the mini pokedolls is now being used to display figures... though it looks like a bit of an eyesore lol

And the last thing to conclude this update, is this meganium plamo figure from work. It nearly got thrown away ;_; I couldn't find the others from this set.

That concludes this collection update. Thanks for reading everyone!

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