Elene Taokaka Nyg�rd (elene33) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Elene Taokaka Nyg�rd

Help with pricing

Hello guys! This is NOT a sales post.

i was just wondering if you could help me a bit with the value of these things.

its some of the stuff from my old collection that i may want to sell, but have no idea what they are worth.

could anyone help me a bit? ♥

(i hope im posting this right. its been some years since i last posted)


im mostly curious about that mirage blastoise and the BK charizard :3

(the plusle purse lights up)

some old zukans and some european gacha's.

im very curious about that kangaskhan tho

if that ho-oh DX kid's price is wrong, please tell me ;o;

also, anyone know how rare that european magazine magnet is? cus i havent seen anyone else own it :o

the pokeball-dex does not work.

that paper thingk back there is from a shooter game.

and the round blue thing is a gum box with dialga and palkia on.

i also haven't seen anyone else have that ds x)

empty old boxes.

the aquapolis one still has some damage counters, cards and stuff inside.

palkia spinner

what are these? bootlegs?

misc weird figures.

(would love some info on that psyduck)

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