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Collection and Sales Update!

It's been a while, but I finally have collection news to share! I still haven't been actively adding new things to my collection but after 7 years, I've finally got shelves and was able to pull out my old Giratina collection. While I was at it, I tidied up and dusted off all my others and did a little more weeding.

My poor Giratina plush collection spent a lot of time squished in a bin while I waited for the chance to reorganize things. I seriously missed these guys! It's really nice to be able to see the DX Dialga and Palkia pokedolls again, Reshiram too. I really adore their plush designs still.

I was able to move some of my real big plush out on top of the bookcase finally, they'd been buried behind other plush for years and I'm glad to see them again! Custom Cofagrigus is by saiyamewome!

Who else remembers the four-arm bros revealed in the same battle trailer back when this gen was coming out? All these years later I still display them together and they're still among my top favorite pokemon. As much as I ended up loving certain bug aesthetic pokemon, I should've seen getting into keeping pet bugs as something that would come eventually.
(Plus some Giratina who snuck in here to take advantage of the dust-free display case protection)

My ghost zukan need some display cases still themselves, but due to the SNOWMAGGEDON in Seattle I haven't been able to go out to the hobby store to pick any up. But the rest of my ghosts are looking great! A local friend of mine put together that Gengar TCG frame as a Christmas gift and I'm glad I can finally display it with the rest of my ghosts! :>

My regis are looking much nicer and tidier now! I somehow ended up with a spare Regirock pokedoll charm, while I'm missing the Registeel pokedoll charm, if anyone had one to spare, I'd love to trade!

Here we go, the start of the Giratina. These figures were so big I could only put them on the top shelf, and even then they HAD to be on a separate shelf from the rest of my collection because otherwise the Origin form lotto figure was just facing a corner and it looked dreadful.

And finally... There it is... While I know it's because I weeded out several things, including the popcorn buckets in my possession, I'm still amazed I managed to fit the entire rest of the collection onto just these four shelves. I seriously missed seeing these guys, and going through everything to organize it and put it up on the shelves was really fun because I got to rediscover all of my favorite figures. I forgot just how dang many keshipoke Giratina got, not to mention the sheer number of other figures, and some of the really gorgeous unique artwork on some of the flats. I love this death centipede to bits. ♥

And as for everything that's been weeded, I decided to finally move my sales over to my personal journal so I could keep everything in one place! I struck down the prices of some of the lots that didn't sell during my last round of sales as well!

Highlights include TWO Gengar plushplush, rarer Rayquaza plush, custom plush, settei, a plush lot, and more!

Banner art by meuniere
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