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Small NYC Nintendo Store Gets

Hello all!

I went to NYC last weekend for a short trip and of course, had to stop by the Nintendo Store! It was the first time I went where there was hardly anyone in the store. It was refreshing!

While they had rather big Pokemon section, I was disappointed with their plush selection, hardly any pokedolls at all. BUT I was super excited to see they had last year's Halloween Pumpkaboo in stock and quite a few of them! I was in the Japan at the end of October/beginning of November last year and was sad to see that Pumpkaboo was sold out at the two Pokemon Centers I've been too.

Ta-dah! Here's my little haul. I have a ton of side collections so I really needed to keep my purchases under control and after debating for about 5 mins whether I should get Pumpkaboo (I mean, I did survive this long without buying him), I decided to bring him home with me in the end.

I also fell in love with the Hearts Take Flight pin set, love the design and love the colours. I wouldn't resist and I still get a huge smile on on my face whenever I look at it. Now, I just need to think of a place to display them, my lanyard for work is already overflowing haha.

The water bottle was really nice and since I drink a lot of water, it was perfect (never mind that I already have two at home but this one's much bigger than all the other ones I have so...that's why I bought it. My justification for buying another water bottle).

So that's my little haul this weekend!

Also, I'm going to do a shameless sales plug. I really need to free up space in my home as I have so much stuff. I've added some new items to my sales page (pokemon and non-related) and I'm willing to haggle, but please do not be offended if I do not accept your offer.

I'm also willing to trade. Right now, I'm mainly looking for yurutto items and the Vaporeon pokedoll (as a surprise gift for my brother, who saw it and immediately fell in love. My sister asked me to buy one for her while I was in NY and he saw it).

Sales post can be found here and feedback is here.
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