Euph Poi (eupheee) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Euph Poi

A question/request? WCT wave 2

I have started collecting WCT figures last year and finishing Wave 1 figures collection was pretty easy (well, most of the figures) since there're many online stores selling those.
However Wave 2 figures seem to be hard to get online at the moment, especially the larger size figures. And the eBay prices are way~ higher then Target's for example, but I cannot order from them directly myself since I live in Russia and they just block my IP automatically.
I wonder if these are easier to find in stores and if anyone could do pick-ups if so.

The ones I'm missing are:

Pokemon 4.5 Inch Battle Feature Figures Series 2 groupPokemon Series 2 Battle FiguresPokemon Series 2 GroupPokemon Clip N GoКартинки по запросу wicked cool toys charmander pokemonКартинки по запросу wicked cool toys squirtle pokemonPocket Monsters - Fushigidane - Pokémon Battle Figure - WCT Pokémon Figures (Wicked Cool Toys)Картинки по запросу wicked cool toys goomy pokemon

Also, if any of the Wave 3 figures are up for sale already, I'd like to get those too for sure.

Tags: figures
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