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Status update/check in :3

Hi all :3 I hope everyone is doing well! I am just making a little check in post since it's been a long while since I've made a post and I just wanted to uhh say hi I guess :)!

Under the cut!

Hi :-) So I kind of have a lot to say/not a lot to say- It's hard to put feelings into words I guess so it's going to be kind of mumbo jumbo. But I'll (try to) make it short and simple ^^; (I bolded important things since I talk a lot)

First of all. Recent gets/collection update... My collection is now entirely in storage. (with a few exceptions/little do dads scattered about my new appartment, grandmas and my friends house). I moved recently; and I honestly don't have enough room for them ;_; All the shelves I've used to display them had to get dis-essembled and everything! So if you remember my last collection showoff... that was the last one at that place :( It was a really sudden/quick move. (I didn;t know until like 2 or 3 weeks in advanced that I'd be moving) @_@ So that's a thing.

Second on the agenda. I've been busy working on a new project, so my collecting has taken a backseat: I've made a pond in my grandmas backyard! the goal is to introduce some local frogs from the local park about a mile away. I've been so absorbed in this project, and with all the care, time, and cost associated, I've had to stop buying pokemon toys for the time being.

And Third. The last, and probably least suprising, depressing thing on the agenda: I've taken some serious consideration of my collection and I think it's time to let some go. I hate to say it (even typing it out made me cringe). I feel nauseous everytime I address this issue but I have to face the music at some point. So, what are my plans/ideas?

I'm definetly keeping my Gen1&2 toys. Maybe weeding some Gen1's, but if your interested in buying those im sorry but I'm not letting those go >:3
However... I'm having a serious time fitting in my generation 3+4 (and beyond) collection. I'm finding as much as I love having them, and as cool and rare they are, the aesthetics just aren't jiving and I can't find a way to puzzle them in with myself feeling satisfied. I had them set on sepreate shelves, but I think that was just my first defense against the inevitable.

So, I'm thinking about riding myself of my Gen3&4 collections.
There's just too much merchandise and I'm spreading myself too thin trying to get every pokemon that I like. I want to keep it reasonable and my hording is not healthy!

I really would like to hear from different collectors on my ideas/a few questions I have. I'll just breifly list the lingering thoughts:

- Have you guys ever weeded out a serious/large part of your collection? Did it feel good to be free of them or did you have any regrets?
- My items: Does anyone collect any generation 3&4 pokemon and would be interested in the items I have? Nothing is particularly rare, unfortunately. and I don't have too many of one pokemon rather a little of almost each of the pokemon ^^; (Mostly plush and figures- not too many flats)
- I'm looking for some advice on how to 'release' them properly. I've tried sales posts before but I just don't have the energy to picture and sell and package and etc. everything I'm looking to sell. I only want to be rid with a bulk order/otherwise. What I'm asking basically, I want to get rid of items in a fast way (I don't want them sitting on ebay or something for months). I don't like shipping either, so I'm thinking about donating them to a goodwill or something. Yes I know that probably makes a lot of you cringe hearing it but I really honestly just can't do a sales post with all my things, it's overwhelmning as it is and I'm kind of freaking out >_< I'm looking for all the help/ideas/advice I can get on the matter.

I think that's it for now. I'm sorry if this post worries anyone or is a bit of a downer. I'm working on breaking through back to where I need to be but I need a little push I suppose. Thanks all friends for your help and reading this post ^^!
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