funkynorader wrote in pkmncollectors

How do you shop on outside the US (not

Hey so kind of a dumb question, but anyone here has been able to shop at from outside US? For Mercari japan I would have used ZenMarket or any similar service but I'm not even able to create an account on I've tried using Mullvad VPN and connecting to the US, trying to register with Facebook/Google +, downloading the app to my phone and using tunnelbear VPN but nothing seems to work. When I hit the create account (on both the website and app), a message says "This app is not available in your region". I'm from Costa Rica but never had any problem shopping from Amazon, eBay, AmiAmi, Hot Topic, GameStop just to mention a few. I've even bought some stuff from JCPenney in the past with a VPN since the page wouldn't work from my country and had no problem at all with that method. Any idea what could work? I wanted to buy 2 figures but could only find them there cheap.


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