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Grail Gets from the Past Months

Hey all! I wanted to show off some Grails I was able to find within the past few months!

First off is the CoroCoro Prize Pikachu statue sent out back in '98! I didn't know the statue I had (the white one) was the same thing! I was told it was used outside of a Pachinko parlor and it very well could have. Lol I'm very happy to be able to get the almost mint statue with it's base! It's only issue is the metal plate has scratches and wear to it.

Next up are the 2002 mini keychain plushplush! I was very happy when I was able to get Porygon2 mwt. I was hoping he hadn't sold on Y!J after months of me watching him and a few months of him not being relisted. Then he was relisted and I snatch him up! I'm very surprised at how pristine his tag is!

Now with Pikachu, he popped up a few weeks after on eBay. After losing out on one here on the community, I knew I had to buy him! He too is mint with tag but his tag is more crumpled and used and he has a bit of rust on his chain which is why I keep the bubble wrap on it so it won't transfer to the fabric.

I was also able to get a shelf just for my PlushPlush. Also added a few plushplush I had wanted or had sold in the past. I'm only missing two of my favorites and will hopefully be getting them in the next few months.

This is my Special Pokedoll shelf. I have Pikachu pokedolls from 2001 to 2005. Then I have Espeon and Jigglypuff from 2002 (Espeon has her hang tag which was awesome to find out) and the 2006 Teddiursa. I've wanted a Teddiursa for awhile but for some reason it never registered there were two designs lol so I chose the one I liked best.

Lastly I have my giant Raikou who wins the prize of most expensive thing in my collection over the Game Corner Machine and my Mewtwo bath buddy. Lol I am very happy I decided to get him. I may want to get an Entei too in the future but for now, my space is limited.

Just a rant about Snorlax:

I'm kind of annoyed with the PC USA for not being helpful for a month (by going through "Pred orders/shipping) then going through technical support finally gave me some news on the Snorlax I Pre ordered. I've been told they don't know when they'll get it but will send out emails before it's shipped. So I guess the release date has gone from January to TBA. I know of two that were being sold by Japanese sellers and from them, it's another huge Snorlax. So I guess it's just taking time to make/send over? I'm just annoyed it's taken so long to get info and now I don't even know when to expect him. :(

Also if you're wanting to get one and didn't pre order, his shipping is VERY expensive from Japan.
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