m14mouse (m14mouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Weeding Sales+Collection Update

Hello, everyone!  My name is Mouse.  Some might remember me.  Others...not so much.  I have been a member for 4/5 years.  I collect Ralts Line, Weedle, Seedot Line, and Sudowoodo Line.  (I know.  I am a strange sort of collector.  XD)  I adore my collection.  Hopefully, this will help my gifter out.

I was very determined to save as much of collection that I could.  XD  So, it look so crowded but I love it.  I get to walk pass it and go awwww....look at my little bug and my adorable Ralts.

Peek A Boo!  :D

My seedot line and my sudowoodo line are by my desk now.  So much happiness.  I get to look over now and smile at my grumpy old man tree.  XD

My little Pichu/Pikachu army.  How can you be grumpy when you see all of the pikas.

Now, comes the weeding.  I promise myself when I started collection pokemon.  That if I couldn't display it then I wasn't going to keep it.  Pokemon shouldn't be in some box. It should be out.  Bringing happiness and smiles.   So, much to my heartbreak as I redecorating my room, I realize that I couldn't.  So, thus the weeding sales.  I keep a few things each line that I got rid.  A lot of items are in lots.  (Torchic, Empoleon, etc).  So, I can get rid of it quicker.  But I also have some fun items like Persona 4 and Final Fantasy plushies.  So, check it out!

P.S:  I know that there is a user looking for the Pichu/Togepi pin set! (I am sorry.  I forgot your name!)   I was able to find it!  It is in my sales post if you want to look at it!

Tags: bonsly, collection update, nuzleaf, ralts, sales, seedot, shiftry, sudowoodo, weedle
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