angrygroudon wrote in pkmncollectors

Looking for Lugia 2009 Pokedoll

Hey everyone, thanks for helping me earlier on. With Britain coming to a major point in history at the end of March, my plush hunting may take a deep dive from upgrading my collection. As the value will drop significantly. While I'm looking for specific plush abroad, some I refuse to buy to keep myself from being financially unstable until I finish college. 

But there is one plush I'm looking for that I can afford quite well probably. And that maybe the Lugia 2009 minky pokedoll. Yes this is very specific and I'm not sure how much they would cost as I have seen them vary significantly priced before.

All I'm asking is if anyone knows how much they usually fair and of course, if anyone is offering up one for sale. I'll post a picture of one in a spoiler. Maybe I'll post a collection update after this event maybe. But for now, thanks for reading everyone. (Please let me know of any problems with this post)


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