drampa (drampa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a surprising find!

Ever since I learned about that palkia and dialga edition ds lite ive been wanting one. So I check ebay every so often to look at the ones being sold. Most of them are fakes, but theres a couple geniune ones here and there that have always been in pretty rough shape. But a couple days ago I found a listing for one even cheaper than the fakes, and in pretty good condition. Well, I didnt even bother bidding because the buy it now price was so low. It came in the mail today and its even better than Id expected!
Pictures under the cut

It originally came with a skin on the inside, but I made quick work of taking it off and, as I expected, its been kept safe under there!!! Any marks in the pictures are just dust and lil bits of cat hair that just get everywhere, but Im really shocked that it was being sold WITH the original carrier which is more worn than the ds is itself!!! From what Ive seen so far its practically perfect!! Im still shocked and so happy to finally have this ds lite to match my lunala and solgaleo edition 3ds
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