Miaogai (wteyywy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WTB some dedenne merch

Hello everyone !

I'm still trying to complete my dedenne collection .
By the help of the community ,thing goes well !

So ,under the cut ,those might be the last few dedenne merch I know of that I haven't got . Please let me know if you have them for sale ! <3

(I live in China ,but I have a middleman in US19122 to make shipping cheaper & convenient .)

I don't own these pics ,they belong to their owner.

Pokemon palre mirror


Unreleased Clip-on plush by TOMY (Found one in factory rejected store but it was already sold ...)

Key chains

Green and blue dedenne eraser

Thailand dedenne medallion

an exclusive Pokemon Tretta thing ...?

Pokemon metal collection


Litte box thing and plastic card..?

Stamp and plastic card maybe ..?

Card or sticker

Korean dedenne sticker

Well I really don't know what that is...

Thanks for reading ! Have a nice weekend!
Tags: dedenne
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