Derby J. (kadabraluci) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Derby J.

WTB: Abra line merch & Flying/Bird type merch
Please accept PayPal. I am in the US (91803)

So I've not had any new feedback in a few years because I haven't been active in the community too much.  So, time to change that~

I'm looking for anything to do with the Abra line, not matter how small or obscure (even bootlegged stuff,  just let me know if its bootlegged please haha).
I also really like flying/bird type stuff, especially collages of all bird types. I don't have a particular favorite (except maybe Rowlett and Fletchling), but I really love bird types in general.  I know this is kind of obscure and vague "want", but feel free to link me your store anyway. I'll be happy to poke around~ I'm not sure what all is out there afterall.

A few definite wants:

Related imageImage result for abra plush
Image result for abra banpresto
(The Abra one, of course haha)

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